Empowering Women in Tech Industry

Women’s Equality Day is commemorated every year on August 26th to raise awareness for women’s rights, equality and justice. AweSun celebrates Women’s Equality Day under the trending #womenintech, advocating a more gender-balanced world.

Women in Tech Industry

While the tech industry tends to take pride in changing the world of work, the technology sector is actually further away from achieving gender equality than the U.S. economy as a whole. While the percentage of women in the United States labor force has gradually climbed to 46.8 percent over the past decades, it is still significantly lower in the tech sector.

As of 2017, females hold just 24% of computer science jobs and occupy roughly 11% of executive positions in America’s tech hub Silicon Valley. Based on various tech companies’ diversity reports, statista indicates female employees make up between 27 percent (Microsoft) and 47 percent (Netflix) of the workforce at major tech companies, with the percentage dropping much lower when it comes to tech jobs. In terms of leadership positions, the status of women in the technology sector, as represented here by the eight companies in the chart below, is roughly on par with the rest of the economy.

Women in Tech

Source: statista

Let’s face it, female have always been a minority when it comes to the tech industry. IT is a male-dominated field and it’s not like software companies are going to change this demographic anytime soon since the problems and brogrammer culture are far more social than they are institutional.

However, the matter is the fact that diverse organizations and teams are more successful as they leverage innovation and diverse opinions. So keep reading to discover how you can make a difference, in the strive towards gender equality and in the future of your work culture.

It is increasingly clear that providing mentoring for women in tech is crucial as one of the solutions. Sharing stories and experiences has always been one of the most effective ways to change minds and encourage action. If a woman is just starting out in her career, connecting her with more experienced figures who are already established in their professions – such as women entrepreneurs and other female leadership roles – could be beneficial in helping her define her career path and building her confidence.

Also it’s important to remind women that they are respected and valued for who they are. Also the organization can offer activities and training for women employee such as speaking events, negotiations, and support groups. They can feel empowered to flourish at work for who they are.

At AweSun, we are proud to share our most recent statistics, which shows that women represent 35% of our total employees. We believe that hiring an equal gender employee is one way to make a difference.

Empowering women in the tech industry doesn’t start and stop on Women’s Equality Day. The way that progress can truly be made for any critical movement requires attention all throughout the year. Equality can’t wait.

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