AweSun Tips for Running a Remote Conference

Remote conference is rapidly becoming the primary route for businesses to communicate. Distributed teams are working from different locations, all across the globe.

With work of most teams not being restricted to the office anymore, the remote conference comes in handy as one of the most effective ways to collaborate with distributed teams and communicate with global clients.

However, there’s a substantial gap between our expectations and what a remote conference turns out to be. Especially for people who have been accustomed to believing that results are best-achieved face to face.

In this blog, we will look at the benefits and drawbacks of remote conference, and then explore AweSun tips to run productive remote conference.

The Benefits of Remote Conference

  • Increase efficiency, and long distances is no longer an issue.
  • Frequent engagement with client and build trust with clients.
  • Share knowledge faster and easier across distribute teams.

The Downside of Remote Conference

  • Long waiting for setting up, Internet issues, and other people coming in late.
  • Too little context, and meeting content cannot be demonstrated to all distribute teams in real time
  • Complex and expensive conference equipment.

How to Run a Productive Remote Conference

  • Distribute an agenda and stick to it

An agenda can help with knowing your exact role in the remote conference. It would also allow attendees to make necessary preparations and make the conference a productive one from their end.

A good agenda should consist of the objective, names of attendees and discussing points. One way of running a remote conference is to list agenda topics as questions the team needs to answer and assign specific people to each discussion point.

  • Share documents and links

Sharing relevant documents and links will help people prepare in advance, and give them enough contexts. A person who has spent time going through these documents will ask better questions.

With the help of AweSun, you and other attendees are able to demonstrate important documents and presentation to all attendants end during remote conference, and ensure everyone’s on the same page.

  • Allow time for trouble

Allocate the first 10-15 minutes of the remote conference to setting up everything. The network might be poor, the internet connection might break, a team member might have a problem figuring out the conferencing technology, or someone important might get held up at the last minute.

Don’t worry about complex setting up and conference equipment and venue restrictions. With the help of AweSun Remote Access Solutions, you’re able to click a button and get on the conference directly. Leave out lengthy preparations, and improve meeting consistency and efficiency.

  • Be on time

Time is precious. Schedule the remote conference in your calendar, and if you won’t be able to attend, be sure to inform the team.

  • Recording

It’s important to document the key points discussed in the meeting and ensure everyone’s on the same page, including those who couldn’t attend the call.

AweSun Remote Desktop Solutions provide a simple and safe way to record important remote operations, without the need for third-party screen recording program. Even you can create shareable support for further usage like sharing presentations and training materials.

Don’t worry about complex conference equipment and venue restrictions; you’re able to click a button and get on the conference directly.

Leave out lengthy preparations, and improve meeting consistency and efficiency.

About AweSun

AweSun is a tool that enables global and secure connectivity, whenever and wherever you need it to work or support remotely. It empowers millions of people around the world to work without constraints or friction.

Learn how you can work productively with the help of AweSun at

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