Upcoming Release: AweSun Remote Desktop

It´s coming sooner than you think. After months of hard work and developing, AweSun Remote Desktop Software will be released very soon.

Ever been hesitated to costly subscribe to a software? Ever been a meeting in another company’s office and realized that the PowerPoint presentation is back at home or office on the computer? Or tried to help parents, who live halfway across the country, figure out why their computer just won’t open a file? These are exactly the scenarios that AweSun Remote Desktop Software is made to handle.

Redefine Free Remote Desktop Software with AweSun

Some big names in the remote access software, are known for its extensive set of features and functionalities. But if users intend to use it regularly or for business purposes, they will have to shell out a hefty sum of money.

But for free remote access software or free versions, users may concern about its security, timeliness and limitation. AweSun is made to redefine free remote access software. With the main vision- empowering everyone with the tools they need to do great work and have great fun, AweSun’ll offer FREE version for all users with a wide range of features and perks.

Free remote desktop software that actually works.

AweSun Remote Desktop

All-in-one solution for remote access/support

AweSun provides free, easy, fast and secure remote access to Windows, iOS and Android. It allows users to remotely access and control their computers from anywhere. AweSun uses high level encryption based on RSA/AES 256, dual authentication, enforced password reset on unusual activity and a listing feature for trusted devices. Proving support to clients, colleagues, friends and family has never been safer or easier.

Here are some our Windows program latest screenshots:

AweSun Remote Desktop
AweSun Remote Desktop

In today’s always-on world, users are expected to provide immediate support even when they aren’t behind a desk or at their computer. AweSun is not only the free and stable remote access solution, we´re also dedicated to help you do your work effectively and securely, no matter where you are.

AweSun will be free for all users, soon available in our official website, Apple AppStore and Google Play. We will keep you posted!

About AweSun

AweSun is a tool that enables global and secure connectivity, whenever and wherever you need it to work or support remotely. It empowers millions of people around the world to work without constraints or friction.

Learn how you can work productively with the help of AweSun at https://www.aweray.com/

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