AweSun Remote Desktop Solution is here!

Breaking news: our AweSun Remote Access Software is released!

An all-in-one solution that lets anyone achieve remote access/support from anyhwhere – for Free!

AweSun is software that provides free, easy, fast and secure remote access to Windows, iOS and Android. It is used to maintain, control, and repair devices remotely, people around the world are able to receive remote support every day for all kinds of needs. This is particularly helpful for those wanting to work from home, on the go, or those hoping to make business trips more efficient.

AweSun is a tool that enables global and secure connectivity, whenever and wherever you need it to work or support remotely. It empowers millions of people around the world to work without constraints or friction.

Learn how you can work productively with the help of AweSun at

Free Remote Desktop Software Redefined with AweSun

Free, means that the high quality of the products is increasingly demanding. We clearly understand the cruelty of competition in the Internet market. User-centered is not a simple slogan. To center on user and provide them with secure connection and satisfactory experience is always the fundamental aim of AweSun’s development. We hope that the product concept of “simple, efficient, secure and stable” is deeply rooted in the hearts of the users. It is an important guarantee for ensuring the long-term vitality of products.

With the help of AweSun, any user can access their devices remotely from another computer or mobile. It is particularly helpful for technical supporters, remote workers, freelancers and digital nomad, as they enable IT pros to help and work when physical access is impossible. It also allows anyone to start or attend meetings, collaborate on projects and on the go support with clients, colleagues, friends and family.

Essentially, you can stay productive wherever you are. No matter where in the world life takes you, your desktop files and applications, and tasks such as remote printing are only a few clicks away. In AweSun, we believe that a main function operation requires more than three steps, which means that the interaction design is unreasonable.

Not only is this done quickly and easily; it is also done securely. We have engineered the solution with cloud-based network compression and high level encryption based on RSA/AES 256, enforced password reset on unusual activity and a listing feature for trusted devices.

AweSun Features

Remote Game

Customizable game controls that makes the use as easy as it can possibly be.

Remote Desktop

Remotely access the computer securely anytime at anywhere.

Remote Screen Mirroring

Share your mobile devices screen with others in real time for remote conference, online game and other usage scenarios.

File Transfer

Transfer files between ends with a secure line.

Desktop Recording

Record important remote operations and create shareable support for all purpose such as producing training materials and sharing presentation and so on.

Blank Screen

Show only a black screen on the remote desktop and protect your privacy if your computer is in an open-plan place.


Enable you to draw and write anything on the presented screen; it’s perfect for remote education and joint projects while working remotely.

Remote CMD/SSH

Support remote command and customize frequent commands.

Remote Printing

Remote access devices where documents are stored, and print them directly from your local printer, improving working efficiency.

Plus so much more… Learn more abot AweSun:

Feel free to use AweSun free version to get an idea of the various features and perks. Look for some special use case of AweSun, you will need a subscription. More information about our subscription options can be read here.

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