4 AweSun Tips for Improving Your Communication

For remote workers, freelancers, digital nomads and virtual teams, communicating effectively is one of the most difficult challenges. The physical separation from your team may inhibit collaboration, trust, effectiveness and building of relationships.

However, these challenges can be overcome with deliberate practice and effort. Here are four AweSun tips to help you communicate more effectively as a remote worker:

Make your calendar visible to coworkers

You can use a calendar tool like Outlook, Google, Todoist or Trello, and make sure your teammates have access to your schedule. When used in conjunction with calendar tools, you team will be able to see the meetings you are taking, the projects you are working on, and how you are spending your time. You may think that it seems little intrusive, but it will build additional trust with your co-workers or clients and provide everyone with visibility on the projects you’re working on.

Seek feedback proactively and frequently

As remote workers or freelancers don’t regularly interact with their colleagues or clients face-to-face, we often miss out opportunities to get feedback on our work. To remedy this, I recommend being proactive about seeking feedback. Techniques like email follow-ups, regular discussions, and seeking thoughts on remote conference can all lead to valuable feedback.

Maximize calls communication and minimize emails

Email have values, but the vast majority of emails, especially internal emails wouldn’t be better as quick call or instant message. We all have received an email or text message with an ambiguous statement and thought, “what do they mean by this?” This because vocabulary is only part of communication. According to Albert Mehrabian, words only contribute 7% to a statement’s meaning. The other 93% comes from tone and body language. So not only are voice calls (or video calls) more efficient in communication, they’re also more effective. By calling more and emailing less, your team will have better time management, clearer messages, closer relationships, and will perform at a higher level overall.

Use collaboration tools

Speaking of reducing emails, an entire industry has emerged based on this principle. Skype, Slack, Google Meet, Hangouts and other countless platforms focus their business on helping teams work and collaborate more effectively. You can release that these platforms emphasis on voice and video calls, they also channels where teams can work together in a shared virtual space. This principle is also shared in our AweSun Remote Desktop Software.

Unlike standalone collaboration tools, AweSun’s all-in-one approach ensures that you have everything you need for both effective communication and collaborative working in one convenient package. Ths software functionality works alongside the interactive screen sharing and remote access features, enabling fluid team collaboration. With AweSun, you can be certain that you are equipped with the tools you need in serveral team collaboration scenario.

About AweSun Remote Desktop

AweSun is your partner for online teamwork. You’re able to quickly join your team and work on text, pictures or source code. With the help of AweSun, any user can access and control their devices remotely from another computer or mobile device. It is particularly helpful for technical supporters, remote workers, freelancers and digital nomads, as it enables IT pros to help and work when physical access is impossible. It also allows you to start or attend meetings, collaborate on projects and on-the-go support with clients, colleagues, friends and family.

AweSun Remote Desktop

AweSun is a tool that enables global and secure connectivity, whenever and wherever you need it to work or support remotely. It empowers millions of people around the world to work without constraints or friction.

Learn how you can work productively with the help of AweSun at https://www.aweray.com/

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