AweSun vs. TeamViewer

Over the past few months since AweSun was formally launched, we have received a lot of inquiries about how AweSun compared to other common remote desktop solutions. Thus, AweSun team decided to start a special column to present how AweSun distinguishes itself from others.

This week, we will look at AweSun vs. TeamViewer. In the next weeks, we will cover Anydesk, LogMeIn and Splashtop.


About: AweSun, also known as AweSun Remote Desktop, is a remote access software that provides secure, stable, and professional remote control services. AweSun supports remote desktop and a wide variety of remote work solutions such as file transfer, screen sharing, session recording, clipboard sharing, and whiteboard. AweSun’s advanced features include remote CMD and remote game. AweSun team is committed to helping people with remote support anytime anywhere.

Cost: AweSun offers a set of basic remote access features for both personal and commercial use for free. AweSun supports free connections to up to three devices. AweSun team always believes that our users should never be stopped from offering or receiving remote support. Also, Classic, Pro, Game subscription options are also available with a cost of $2, $3, $5 per device per month.


About: TeamViewer is a proprietary software application for remote control, desktop sharing, online meetings, web conferencing and file transfer between computers. It is a comprehensive remote access which can be used for a wide variety of collaborative and supportive services.

Cost: TeamViewer is free for personal use with only one connection at a time available. For commercial use, you must purchase a license with a $49/month ($588/year) starting price.

For detailed features comparison, see the table below.

Besides what is mentioned above, we would like to kindly remind you that, you can only use TeamViewer for personal use with very limited features available, and it only supports one connection at a time. To be able to connect to more devices, a user must purchase a commercial license with a rather high cost. More annoyingly, you will be very likely to get a commercial use detected or suspected announcement from TeamViewer when you are actually in personal use which forces you to pay for further use.

What is worse, to use one specific feature of TeamViewer, you have to shell out a large sum of money to buy a whole commercial package while you do not need most of the features included in it, not to mention some hidden costs.

Also, for starters, TeamViewer is complicated to configure. This may lead to varied security and privacy-related problems. To conclude, TeamViewer’s weaknesses concerning cost and user experience can not be ignored.

By comparison, AweSun supports a set of remote desktop solutions totally for free both for personal and commercial use. With the simple and intuitive interface, simplified operation steps and competitive features, AweSun provides you with easy-to-use experience and an all-in-one solution. Multiple concurrent sessions are supported for free. Exclusive advanced features like remote CMD and remote Game helps with your specific needs.

You may now find why AweSun is becoming increasingly popular worldwide and why so many former TeamViewer users are switching to AweSun. AweSun saves you hundreds and even thousands of dollars every year and meanwhile offering you even better services than TeamViewer.

AweSun team is always trying our best to optimize our features and user experience. If you are still hesitating, just have a try right now! Your experience will tell the truth. Click here to find your best AweSun remote desktop solution. AweSun never lets you down.

As said at the beginning of this blog, we will cover other remote desktop solutions in the coming weeks. Stay tuned!

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