Why working-from-home is the inevitable trend?

Remote work statistics tell us more than 4.3 million people in the USA work remotely, which is 3.2% of the entire workforce. From digital marketing, Web development, sales, customer and technical support, to copywriting, translation and many more: Working-from-home is growing across many sectors for which the location of workers is not relevant anymore, but their knowledge and experience is. why working-from-home is becoming the inevitable trend?

Coronavirus Outbreak 2019

Recently, the application of working-from-home policy is surging, especially in China, which raised concern of this trend to a higher level. The outbreak of respiratory illness caused by a novel (new) coronavirus (named “2019-nCoV”) that was first detected in Wuhan City, China. Infections also are being reported in a growing number of international locations, including the United States.

As the extension of the 2020 Chinese New Year holiday from 31 January to February 10. Many companies even force employees to self-isolation at home 1-2 weeks since they arrive the city where they work to prevent worse spread. In this situation, most employees need to work at home. This chaos makes more people rethink further about the work style – “working-from-home”.

Companies that do business related with that part of the world are taking certain precautions in the harsh time. Apple Inc., for example, which relies on a supply chain in China, became one of the first tech companies to discuss the impact of the outbreak.

Working-from-home Prejudice

Remote workers, especially those who work from their homes, have gotten an unfair reputation a long time. The myth surrounding them is that they are less productive and slack a lot. Managers often worry about the remote worker are subject to all sorts of personal distractions at home which means the work quality is so hard to be guaranteed. There are also concerns that allowing employees to work from home could decrease communication and collaboration among coworkers. And more employers still think it’s easier to manage the employees face-to-face, not in the screen.

But now more and more research proves otherwise and predicts Working-From-Home will become the inevitable trend.

3 Main Reasons Of The Trend

First, for employees, they assign monetary value to the flexibility provided by a working-from-home policy. Some employers add even more value to employees by granting geographic flexibility.  It’s a significant difference: while a working-from-home employee can choose to pick the kids up from school or take a short break in the long afternoon to walking the dog. More important, employee can do all of those and also relocate closer to aging parents or to a location with a lower cost of living.

Among many reasons why higher productivity of remote workers, one is concise: working off-site was often less stressful which improve the efficiency in turn.

According to one Havard Business Review, one key conclusion is that if a work setting is ripe for remote work – that is, the job is fairly independent and the employee knows how to do their job well – implementing working-from-home can benefit both the company and the employee. But, honestly, this kind employees are always efficient worker, no matter where they are.

Second, for the employers. A larger portion of remote employees reduces the costs related to workplace renting- which is a lot of money, computers, phones, electricity, heating and air conditioning and all the other little necessities that keep an office operating; Company can hire talents globally, no need to focus on the workforce around. 

Actually, the first transit to remote offices are smaller technology startups. They do not want to compete with technology giants that have monopoly of talents in big cities. This is also the key advantage of these startups because they catch the trend.

Last but not least, one sometimes-forgotten element in today’s new workplace environment is that technology has now made it possible for as much collaboration and communication as may be necessary. Tools for video conferencing, file sharing and time tracking make team collaboration easy and productive. AweSun, for example, is making us capable of getting the same job done wherever we are in the world. 

AweSun – work-from-home remote desktop software

Everything about AweSun’s remote desktop software is designed to ensure easy, efficient, and secure access to remote desktops – whether you’re on the go, at home, in a hotel…anywhere. If you can connect to the internet, you can connect remotely through AweSun.

What’s essential in a work-from-home remote desktop software? Security. AweSun’s level of security sets the standard within the industry. All remote connections as well as data transfers are secured end to end with RSA/AES 256Bit encryption session encryption to ensure a secure line.

AweSun offers a wide range of features make your remote work experience easier than ever before. AweSun free version can be used to operate concurrent sessions between multiple devices, which is rarely appeared in the market. Additionally, following features can be achieved with the AweSun Free version: multiple concurrent, remote control, file transfer, synchronous clipboard, blank screen, whiteboard, file dragging, text chatting, video screen capturing, remote printing, remote screen mirroring.

AweSun not only enables you to work from anywhere, it enhances your remote working experience. We continuously innovate to bring you regular updates and fresh features. Explore our different subscriptions today to find a plan that fits your needs.

Get AweSun for free now. Every change is a transformation. Catch the inevitable trend now!

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