awesun vs splashtop

AweSun vs. Splashtop

Hey, guys!  After AweSun vs. Teamviewer, AweSun vs. Anydesk, this week, our Remote Desktop Solution Round-up Column focuses on AweSun vs. Splashtop. Whether you are an AweSun user or a Splashtop user, just read on. You may make a new choice after reading this. AweSun always welcomes every one of you with open arms!

A General Review

Firstly, let’s take a glance at the introduction of these two remote desktop solutions and get a general idea of the pros and cons of both AweSun and Splashtop.

About AweSun

AweSun, also known as AweSun Remote Desktop, is a remote desktop software that provides secure, stable, and professional remote control service. AweSun supports remote desktop and a wide variety of remote work solutions such as file transfer, screen sharing, session recording, and whiteboard. Advanced features include remote CMD and remote game. AweSun is committed to helping people with remote support anytime anywhere.


  • Free for both personal and commercial use
  • Multiple concurrent sessions for free
  • Free connection to up to three devices, connections under different networks
  • Low cost for advanced features


  • Limited language versions
  • Audio and video not available currently

About Splashtop

Splashtop, previously Splashtop Remote, is a family of remote-desktop software and remote support software. Splashtop enables users to connect to and control computers from desktop and mobile devices. Splashtop products focus on remote computer access and collaboration for business professionals, IT, MSPs, support, help desk, education, and consumers. Its main features include remote server monitoring, remote access dashboard, session transfer, etc that vary with different models.


  • Products include rich features(paid)
  • Multiple models for different professional purposes
  • High-quality video and audio
  • Robust Security
  • Free for personal use


  • Free version only works on local network
  • Complicated variants of the software and plans
  • CPU usage gets a little high
  • Must purchase a higher plan to get many features
  • Priority tech support only available with higher plan
  • Requires two separate apps to be installed on both remote and client devices
  • Cumbersome to install

Main Differences:

1. AweSun offers basic remote access features for both personal and commercial use for free. Also, Classic, Pro, Game subscription options are available with a cost of $2, $3, $5 per device per month. Splashtop is free if you are just using it to remotely access devices on a local area network. For remote access from anywhere, $16.99/year is charged. And its business plans start at $60/user/year.

2. AweSun supports connections to up to three devices for free. Splashtop only allows free connection to one device; for more, you have to buy a higher plan.

3. AweSun supports multiple remote access features for free, which include File Transfer, Chat, Screen Mirroring, Clipboard Sharing, Whiteboard, Blank Screen, Session Recording, Remote Printing, etc. For Splashtop, features such as file transfer and remote printer access are restricted to the Business grade plan ($60 a year).

4. AweSun allows supports remote access anytime anywhere for free while Splashtop’s free option is limited to using Splashtop only on your local network (e.g. to connect to a computer in your child’s room or down in the basement). In order to access devices from outside your house, you’ll need to sign up for the “Access from Anywhere” feature, which runs $16.99 per year.

5. Splashtop requires two different types of the program to be installed on a computer: a program for the computers that you want to remote from, and a program for the computers to remote to (a so-called Streamer). Its installation is cumbersome. AweSun only requires the same type of program, which is light and very easy to configure.

6. Splashtop offers different types of products under different categories, which is very complicated and hard to choose your right solution based on your needs. And generally, you need to pay for very basic features such as session recording. AweSun offers you an all-in-one solution, we support a variety of strong features for free.

All in all, compared with Splashtop, AweSun delivers an all-in-one remote desktop solution with many common features included for free. We support both personal and commercial use. Also, we provide you with exclusive advanced features such as remote CMD and remote game with a very low cost.

Wanna get a more value-for-money solution? Don’t hesitate to pick AweSun. An increasing number of people are switching from Splashtop to AweSun and it’s time for you to make a new choice!

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