AweSun vs. LogMeIn

With the 4 Tips to Choose Remote Desktop Solution and comparison analysis between AweSun from TeamViewer, AnyDesk and Splashtop, have you made the decision of which one that looks more equipped to suit your demand? Today we will see the AweSun vs. LogMeIn, the last one of our Remote Desktop Solution Round-up Column. Hope it’s helpful for you.

About AweSun

AweSun, also known as AweSun Remote Desktop, is a remote desktop software that provides secure, stable, and professional remote control service. AweSun supports remote desktop and a wide variety of remote work solutions such as file transfer, screen sharing, session recording, and whiteboard. Advanced features include remote CMD and remote game. AweSun is committed to helping people with remote support anytime anywhere.


Free version is powerful for both personal and commercial use

Multiple concurrent sessions for free

Free connection to up to three devices, connections under different networks

Low cost for advanced features

Cross-platforms friendly

AES-256 encryption and two-factor authentication


Limited language versions

Audio and video not available currently

About LogMeIn

LogMeIn has three main categories: access computers service – Pro, endpoint management-Central and remote assistance experience – Rescue. LogMeIn Pro is good remote PC access software for IT departments, telecommuters and personal users. If you telecommute, this software lets you access your office or home computer with ease.


The variety of management tools

Session scheduling and recording

Password management platform

LogMeIn Pro is available in 12 languages.

AES-256 encryption and two-factor authentication


Cost increase has been significant each year

New plans offer things that most technicians do not want

A bit clunky and requires a good amount of learning curve to get started

Mac version lacks some features

More Differences

  • Cost

Many users think that the remote connectivity platform warrants a rather high price tag that stands at $349.99/year for LogMeIn Pro (the basic version-for individuals) and starts at $1,539.99/year for small business. The free trial only allows 14 days. However, AweSun offers basic powerful remote access features for both personal and commercial use for free. Also, Classic, Pro, Game subscription options are available with a cost of $2, $3, $5 per device per month.

  • Devices Amount

AweSun supports connections to up to three devices for free. LogMeIn only allows you to connect two devices under the cheapest cost; for more, you have to buy a higher plan.

  • Cross-Platform Usage

Like LogMeIn, it’s designed for cross-platform usage. So, it doesn’t matter which device you are using, you can take advantage of this free LogMeIn alternative to control your remote device both for personal and commercial usage.

  • Friendly Set-Up

LogMeIn Pro can be a bit time-consuming to initially install and connect. The initial setup process is more involved and complicated for the host computer than it is for the admin. AweSun is easy to set up and handle. The Blog also provides kind’s tutorial, for example: How to Remotely Access a Desktop from Your PC?

  • AweSun Game Version

For personal use, AweSun provides unique Game Version. If you are outside, remotely playing your computer game during a class break, on the go, or sitting in a coffee shop, will definitely make you the coolest person in the crowd! Except for all advanced features AweSun Pro Version included, Game Version provides more exclusive useful features designed for game usage.

What makes AweSun a notable contender is the ability to offer the best of both worlds: reliable remote desktop solution and highly affordable price. So, you can get more than a decent LogMeIn alternative without much compromise.

No matter where you are – at home or halfway around the globe – you can control and keep track of your business right from your fingertips so long as you have a powerful remote desktop solution like AweSun at your disposal.

Learn how you can work productively with the help of AweSun at

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