AweSun Remote Desktop Ensures Your Security

How AweSun Ensures Your Security?

In today’s digital age, online activities are more and more diversified and complicated, and online security is increasingly becoming a hot topic for it may cause security issues such as privacy and confidentiality, identity theft, data theft, computer damage, etc. We all want to be safe when performing operations on the Internet. Protecting against overwhelming online security risks is crucial for both individuals and businesses.

To avoid various possible online attacks, measures are being taken ranging from installing antivirus programs, clearing cache, to using security tools. However, most importantly, that every program we install ensures security itself is the strongest defense against those perils.

How AweSun ensures your security?

AweSun,as a remote desktop software, always poses great emphasis on security when offering services. We are deeply aware that security should be the priority since it not only protect our users from online risks but also displays our responsibility for every AweSun user.


All AweSun remote connections, as well as integrated data transfers, are secured end to end with RSA/AES (256-bit) encryption to ensure a secure line that is of the same level with the encryption standard used in online banking and multiple sensitive data transfer applications. 

Reliable Account

AweSun’s Device IDs are automatically generated based on varied hardware characteristics. AweSun servers will check the validity of AweSun IDs prior to every connection. Besides, AweSun offers Passcode protection. You are allowed to change the account passcode conveniently by choosing to refresh or customize your AweSun passcode. This will make every connection much more secure and private.

Access Options

You can set the connection method by your preference. AweSun supports secure unattended access. When the device is under binding with the current AweSun account, “easy access under bound” is a quick and safe option. Furthermore, there are other two options via system password and independent password. Only partners with the unattended password can connect to your device. Session requests from a third party will be blocked automatically. 

To enable secure unattended access, click here.

Blank Screen

AweSun’s blank screen feature allows you to make a remote computer monitor go dark to prevent anyone from seeing the screen while accessing a remote device. This will save you from your concerns on privacy even if your computer is located in a shared or open-plan office. 

To enable the blank screen feature for PC to PC or PC to mobile connections, click here.

Blacklist & Whitelist 

With AweSun’s blacklist and whitelist, you are able to specify the devices that you want to connect to and that you want to block. Particularly, if AweSun is being used on unattended computers, this security option can help restrict access to a number of specific clients. With the whitelist, you can explicitly indicate which devices are allowed to access your computer. With the blacklist, you can block certain access requests. 

To use this function, open AweSun on your computer; go to the Menu Bar > “Options” > “Remote Control” > “Anti-disturb” > “Remote control IP filter” > “Whitelisting IP“/”Blacklisting IP“.

Downtime List

This option allows you to set the exact time duration from when your computer can’t be remotely accessed. For instance, you can make corresponding settings when your computer is used for a video call during a meeting, or when you are playing computer games.

To use this function, open AweSun on your computer; go to the Menu Bar > “Options” > “Remote Control” > “Anti-disturb” > “Downtime list” .

Raise Your Security Awareness

On top of all tips, tools, and settings against security risks, we believe security awareness is the fundamental factor to ensure a secure and reliable remote session. We’d like to remind all of you to raise your security awareness, do not share personal information with others and always comply with relevant rules when using AweSun in specific scenarios. As long as bearing security in mind and adopting appropriate protective measures, you will always be safe. 

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