Chrome Remote Desktop Alternative-AweSun

Chrome Remote Desktop Alternative – AweSun Remote Desktop

Today, with remote access and remote support witnessing an increasing demand in our daily life, people are hunting for the most suitable remote desktop tool, especially during this terrifying coronavirus outbreak. Fans of Chrome Remote Desktop, maybe you are one of them, are looking for an alternative for Chrome Remote Desktop no longer meets their diversified needs.

Get the answer to “What is the best alternative to Chrome Remote Desktop?” Just read on.

What is Chrome Remote Desktop?

Chrome Remote Desktop, is a remote desktop software tool developed by Google that allows a user to remotely control another computer from your phone, tablet, or another computer. Originally, Chrome Remote Desktop started as a Chrome (web browser) extension. Today, it uses a combination of a Chrome extension and a web portal through the Chrome browser.


  • Free of charge
  • Easy setup
  • Easy to connect
  • Very Lightweight Extension


  • Limited basic functionality
  • Chrome browser required/relies on Google Account
  • Support for mobile devices not available
  • Limited usefulness
  • No management console
  • Sometimes slow connection
  • Computer crashes happen

What is AweSun Remote Desktop?

AweSun Remote Desktop

AweSun Remote Desktop is a remote desktop software that offers secure and stable remote access services. AweSun offers a wide range of strong remote work solutions for free, including remote desktop, file transfer, screen sharing, session recording, whiteboard, etc. Advanced features include remote CMD and remote game. AweSun is committed to helping people with remote support anytime anywhere.


  • Free for both personal and commercial use
  • Rich and strong features
  • Diversified usage scenarios
  • Easy and quick connection
  • Support for mobile devices (coming soon)
  • Multiple concurrent sessions for free
  • Low cost for advanced features


  • Limited language versions
  • Audio and video not available currently

Chrome Remote Desktop vs. AweSun Remote Desktop

 Chrome Remote Desktop & AweSun Remote Desktop
Chrome Remote Desktop vs. AweSun Remote Desktop

1. Limited functionality vs. Rich features

Chrome Remote Desktop supports very limited features. There is no built-in chat, no (drag-and-drop) file transfer options, no remote printing. AweSun, however, offers multiple strong features for free including remote desktop, file transfer, screen sharing, session recording, whiteboard, etc.

2. Simple use vs. Advanced use

Chrome Remote Desktop can only be put in very simple use. You can never use it for stuff like technical support. For AweSun, you can use it whenever you need it. advanced features like remote game and remote CMD are here to meet your special needs like playing remote computer games or offering technical support.

3. Chrome browser required vs. App required

Chrome Remote Desktop requires a particular web browser, so you must have Google Chrome and a Google account. For AweSun, all you need for remote access is an internet connection and the AweSun app.

4. Concerns vs. Higher security

For Chrome Remote Desktop, by default, the screen on the device being accessed remotely stays on while AweSun supports blank screen. AweSun always considers security as a priority.

5. Remote PC only vs. Remote PC & Phone

Chrome Remote Desktop lacks remote support for mobile devices. AweSun’s will soon introduce a new version that allows you to offer remote support for mobile devices.

6. Basic use vs. Remote work solutions

Chrome Remote Desktop only allows you to perform very simple operations during a remote session. AweSun can totally enable you to offer remote support anytime anywhere. During this coronavirus outbreak, AweSun allows you to work from home with its multiple remote work solutions.

As mentioned above, it’s not hard to see that, AweSun Remote Desktop, with its strong features, convenient and easy user experience, and its ever-improving services, is definitely the best alternative to Chrome Remote Desktop.

As an all-in-one remote desktop solution, AweSun exactly avoid all the inconveniences and weaknesses caused when you use Chrome Remote Desktop. It’s time to make a new choice. Get AweSun now, we will never let you down!

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