Best Microsoft Remote Desktop Alternative

The Best Microsoft Remote Desktop Alternative

Find Microsoft Remote Desktop complicated to setup? Looking for an alternative with more features? Wanna choose a work-from-home solution? Today remote work is becoming the mainstream due to the coronavirus outbreak, as you may have heard that Microsoft Teams goes down just as Europe logs on to work remotely. This blog will offer the answer you have long looked for.

What is Microsoft Remote Desktop?

Microsoft Remote Desktop is built into Windows and you are required to have either Windows Pro, Enterprise, or Ultimate versions installed on the remote computer that you want to access. You can use the Microsoft Remote Desktop app to connect to a remote PC or virtual apps and desktops made available by your admin.

What is AweSun Remte Desktop?

AweSun Remote Desktop is a remote desktop software that offers secure and stable remote access services. AweSun offers a wide range of strong remote work solutions for free, including remote desktop, file transfer, screen sharing, session recording, whiteboard, etc. Advanced features include remote CMD and remote game. AweSun is committed to helping people with remote support anytime anywhere.

AweSun Remote Desktop vs. Microsoft Remote Desktop

Microsoft Remote Desktop vs. AweSun Remote Desktop
Microsoft Remote Desktop vs. AweSun Remote Desktop

Complex setup vs. Easy to use

To use Microsoft Remote Desktop, you have to do some setup for remote connection. First, you will need to get your external IP address, and if you have multiple devices on the network, you will need to find your modem, firewall, or router and make a few changes in the system to get everything to work properly. For AweSun, to establish a remote connection, all you need is AweSun app and network, no other settings are required.

Limited functionality vs. Strong features

Microsoft Remote Desktop only supports very limited features. And it works for Windows-to-Windows connection. Its main feature is remote desktop and no other remote support options are offered. AweSun, however, offers multiple strong features for free including remote desktop, file transfer, screen sharing, session recording, whiteboard, etc.

Remote PC only vs. Remote PC & Phone

Microsoft Remote Desktop lacks remote support for mobile devices, plus, it works best only for Windows computers. AweSun’s will soon introduce a new version that allows you to offer remote support for mobile devices. To stay up to date, click here.

Basic use vs. Remote work solutions

Microsoft Remote Desktop does allow you to remote access desktops, but if you conduct other remote support operations, no corresponding options are offered. Let alone use it for remote work. However, today remote work is becoming increasingly common. AweSun provides you with a wide variety of remote work solutions. For instance, you can remotely print the files on your office computer or offer remote support to your friends or family.

Wrap Things Up

As you have learned from the above, AweSun Remote Desktop offers almost all the features that Microsoft Remote Desktop. Meanwhile, AweSun offers more for free that includes a set of remote work solutions covering file transfer, screen mirroring, remote printing, whiteboard, etc.

Also, we’d like to recommend you to use AweSun Remote Desktop as your remote work tool. As coronavirus is now becoming more and more terrifying across the globe, working from home is currently the best option to avoid infection, reduce risks and stay safe. You can use AweSun at home and easily access your office computer without sacrificing your productivity.

As an all-in-one remote desktop solution, AweSun redefined remote desktop software. AweSun is free for both personal and commercial use. Get AweSun for free today!

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