AweSun 1.1-upcoming release

Upcoming Release: AweSun 1.1

Today we are thrilled to share with you the exciting news – AweSun 1.1 is coming!

Last September, we released AweSun 1.0, a remote desktop solution. During the past several months, we’ve been constantly improving features and updating AweSun to make it smarter, better and more delightful for our users. And that’s how AweSun 1.1 was born.

Without your feedback, trust, and support, AweSun just wouldn’t exist. We thought we’d take a moment to say thank you!

New Enhancements

Here are the enhancements that we’d like to highlight here:

Remote Phone

AweSun 1.1 enables you to offer remote support for mobile Android devices with AweSun Client installed on. You can easily remote access and assist a remote Android device from your computer, Android or iOS devices and enjoy an amazingly immersive full-screen experience.

Optimized Subscription Options

AweSun 1.1 gives you two subscription options: Pro and Game. Unlimited payment solutions are offered that allow you to pay on a monthly basis or an annual basis. Plus, you will get the first-month discount on your first purchase with the Pro and Game only cost $3 and $6 respectively.

Improved UI

AweSun 1.1 further improved the user interface covering from color to layout. You will find the UI very straightforward and clear and it’s very intuitive to navigate. Also, we offer you the necessary prompts and tutorials when you perform some operations.

AweSun 1.1 contains all the previous features of AweSun1.0 plus the new features and enhancements listed above. We are pretty confident to say that AweSun 1.1 will definitely surprise you with its brand-new features!

Stay tuned and we will keep you posted!

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