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COVID-19 Outbreak – Why AweSun is the Best Remote Work Solution?

The COVID-19(novel Coronavirus) pandemic is becoming increasingly fierce around the globe has put many cities worldwide on lockdown and lead to new lifestyles, which, of course, includes remote work. The pandemic has reached every continent except Antarctica. It’s not hard to see that COVID-19 is set to be a major challenge and even a crisis for a large number of businesses.

How COVID-19 affects businesses?

Countries are making great efforts to face this unprecedented dilemma. In the United States, for instance, more than 262 million Americans are currently under stay-at-home orders — over 80% of the US population. To sustain businesses and people’s normal life, and most importantly, to protect employees’ health, some large enterprises, GoogleIBM, Facebook, and PwC have already preemptively encouraged all employees to work from home to echo with the social-distancing policies during the COVID-19 outbreak. 

However, this transition from office-based work to remote work also brings new problems and concerns. How to maintain employee productivity? How to ensure security? How can I reach my office computer files with this stay-at-home order?

No worries. AweSun Remote Desktop has your back!

Why AweSun is the best remote work solution?

AweSun Remote Desktop

AweSun is an all-in-one remote desktop solution, which redefines remote desktop software. With AweSun, you are able to work remotely from home and access your office computer from another computer or mobile device via a secure connection. More info:

Free for use

AweSun is free for both personal and commercial use. Multiple remote work solutions are offered for FREE, including remote desktop, file transfer, remote printing, screen sharing, session recording, etc. It is worth mentioning that AweSun offers you all these strong features for free and still works all good.

Better than others

Compared with our competitors, AweSun offers you the options that you always expect from others. Features like multiple concurrent sessions and remote printing you find in paid products are all offered for FREE in AweSun. Meanwhile, advanced features including remote CMD and remote game features are also available.

Easy to use

Unlike apps that require abstract technical knowledge, complicated configuration and setup, AweSun is committed to offering the simplest user experience. With the intuitive interface, simplified operation steps and detailed tutorials, you will find AweSun pretty easy to navigate and use.

High security

AweSun always considers security as the top priority. All AweSun remote connections, as well as integrated data transfers, are secured end to end with RSA/AES (256-bit) encryption to ensure a secure line that is of the same level with the encryption standard used in online banking and multiple sensitive data transfer applications. Moreover, multiple protective setup options are offered such as Blank screen, Blacklist/Whitelist and Downtime List, etc.

AweSun Upcoming Release

We are also thrilled to share with you the exciting news that two AweSun new releases are upcoming!

AweSun 1.1

Since the release of AweSun 1.0, we have been receiving sincere feedback and kind comments on our services. AweSun Team keeps working on improving AweSun features and performance, and here comes AweSun 1.1!

On the basis of original features, AweSun 1.1 was produced with improved features and enhanced performance. 

New Enhancements:

  • Remote access/support mobile devices on the go
  • Monthly/Yearly subscriptions
  • Language Optimization
  • Visual-Style UI
  • Much more…

AweSun Client 1.0

To better enable remote support for mobile devices, we will launch AweSun Client 1.0. You can apply the new AweSun Client app for Android devices and get remote support for Android devices from your computers or mobile devices for FREE. Teaching your parents to use a smartphone or help troubleshoot a remote phone can never be easier!

With AweSun Client, you can:

  • Access remote phone screen
  • View device information
  • Transfer files back and forth
  • Push and pull WIFI settings
  • Real-time troubleshooting
  • Much more…

Get AweSun for FREE today! For AweSun’s latest developments and more information, please visit

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