Say Hello to AweSun 1.1!

AweSun 1.1 Officially Released!

Hey there! AweSun 1.1 is now released! During the past several months, AweSun Team has been constantly improving AweSun to offer better services to our users. Your comments and feedback always help us along the way. And here comes AweSun 1.1!

Just before the release of AweSun 1.1, we sat down with the CEO at AweRay, a telecommuting software company, to recap the responsibilities and roles of tech companies during the time when more people are working from home.

“The recent shift to focus on remote working solutions is a vivid reminder of why we created AweSun in the first place: to help individuals, enterprises, schools, hospitals and other organizations become more flexible by incorporating effective remote work solutions into their operations,” said Joseph, CEO of AweRay.

AweSun Remote Desktop is a remote-friendly software tool that is a critical part of the remote worker’s day-to-day, especially when it comes to getting work done and proving remote supports for colleagues, clients, friends, or family. With the help of AweSun, users can remotely access and control their office computers via their local computersmobile devices or tablets, from home or anywhere.

AweSun believes that users shouldn’t be blocked for using the remote desktop tools to solve work emergencies on the go or help someone with their devices,” said Joseph. In remote desktop markets, most providers offer a free trial or limited free version for non-commercial use. But the free version of AweSun supports powerful features that users expect to find in other paid software.  

AweSun is offering all users a free version with a robust level of services. The free services will allow the user to access remote work solutions which include a broader array of features, including multi-concurrent sessions, session recording, remote printing, whiteboard, file transfer, blank screen, and clipboard sharing. In other words, a greater array of remote desktop services, at no charge. 

The free version of AweSun offers various features and perks in the basic use case. And with the AweSun special use case, users can choose the best AweSun solution for their needs. With AweSun mobile device support, users can resolve mobile device issues quickly, from their computers, smartphone or tablets. Support requesters just need the AweSun Client app installed on their mobile device, with AweSun’s Pro subscription. It’s that easy. While receiving help via AweSun Game Version, game players can comfortably play their favorite PC games on mobile devices on the go. More extensive features can be read here.

AweSun’s Pro and Game service are available for a first-purchase discount. Users are able to choose a monthly subscription plan, rather than pay at one shot. AweSun’s unlimited subscription plan promotes value within users by ensuring a reliable source of products each month.

Our CEO added that as a leading provider of remote desktop solutions, they believe it’s their duty to help others become more resilient during this disruption of COVID-19. He said, “We take this commitment seriously.” Easily accessible, free remote access can be an important tool to work from home or resolve work emergences on the go.

For us, AweSun 1.1 release is not an endpoint but a starting one. We will always bear our users’ demand in mind and keep working to make it better. We feel lucky and grateful to have you around every step of the way.

Explore AweSun remote work solutions that help alleviate the difficulties during this challenging time at

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