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Remote Work Time: Tech Companies should Assume Responsibility with Power

Never before have workers telecommuted on such a broad scale like what happened last two months in 2020. As the outbreak of coronavirus worldwide, business and stock markets globally are struggling to stay afloat; millions of people have to remote work. “Cutting edge technology companies and major online platforms will play a critical role in this all-hands-on-deck effort,” Michael Kratsios, the White House’s chief technology officer.

What roles can (and should) tech companies play

In this unprecedented chaos, what roles should tech companies play to combat the virus and bring this epidemic under control? CEO of AweSun expresses the responsibilities and roles of tech companies during the time of COVID-19.

With great power comes great responsibility! Tech giants should make a positive impact on society especially during the harsh time. The App Store has taken increased efforts in removing unofficial coronavirus apps to stop the spread of misinformation; On a new Support page, Google Maps asks businesses to provide accurate coronavirus info; WhatsApp launched the World Health Organization’s Health Alert.

As a tech startup, AweRay always keeps the original intention in mind: help individuals, enterprises, schools, hospitals and other organizations become more flexible by incorporating effective remote work solutions into their operations. This is why AweRay created AweSun – one remote desktop solution provides both the desired flexibility and full remote control capabilities so that remote workers can control devices proficiently.

Leading green hands ride a wave of work from home new era

For safety, the quarantine recommendation actually pushes a lot of people the first time to start working from home. With the fear of losing job or be abandoned during transitional era, people are learning the remote desktop software unwillingly. Here’s why AweSun is the best choice, AweSun provides Free Version to help people who lack the experience to catch work from home trend.

AweSun Free Version equipped with powerful yet free features which are chargeable from other brands. It’s not the short-time free trial, it aims at no tuition for new starters and be free as long as you need these remote help.

Boosting work productivity for remote workers

Technology should always serve people by playing a role in finding real solutions for social issues. Reliable remote desktop solution means users can breeze through the access remotely and efficiently by a broad array of features: multi-concurrent sessions, session recording, remote printing, whiteboard, file transfer, blank screen, and clipboard sharing.As all-in-one solution for remote access, AweSun saves a lot time when remote support the IT problems instead of explaining and instructing for ages.

More exciting, technology really helps people to balance work and life in this way. With the flexible arrangement, employees have time to take care of children and company partners. Then they can focus on work without worrying about the time conflicts. There are also some tips to help you during remote work time.

Why AweSun is the best Remote Desktop Solution?

User-centered design for everyone

As work from home is becoming an inevitable trend worldwide, the helpful solutions should be designed easy to handle. At AweRay, they believe that a main function operation requires more than three steps, which means that the interaction design is unreasonable. With wise interface, AweSun puts more emphasis on simplicity, allowing people to manage devices comfortably. This is exciting for new users, with a very minimal learning curve, getting AweSun started within no time. Welcome to our Help Center to check how to remote support mobile phone from mobile devices or PC end.

Meanwhile, do you have the option to choose between monthly and annual billing for subscription from other remote desktop solutions? AweSun, monthly subscription always provide users maximum freedom, no matter for newcomers, short-term users who need to test a service or loyal AweSun fans.

Except for the powerful yet free features which are enough for the personal use, AweSun has Pro Version tailored for industries who have a more complex demand and Game Version for playing computer games on mobile devices.

Deepening the bond with who you love

With more concerns about technology kills the human touch, tech companies should think thoroughly how to change this. As the whole word is appealing to social distance, people are quarantined apart from their senior family members, close friends, even partners. People should take advantage of technology to build intimacy with who we love.

What people can do during this special stay at home period? Don’t sacrifice the time we used to use to bond with others. With the help of AweSun, remote connect to old family members: teaching them how to send Emoji; showing them how to shopping online. Treat them like how they did to us when we were young.

Now, when you spend quality time with family members, you can control and keep track of your business right from your fingertips and catch the inevitable work from home trend now. Career and health go hand in hand. Learn more details of AweSun at

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