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Remote work is becoming the new normal; home office is now on the rise. “Last year our Global Workspace Survey talked about reaching a tipping point, but what we are seeing now is that flexible working is considered by many to be the new norm for any business that is serious about productivity, agility and winning the war for top talent,” said Mark Dixon, CEO of IWG. ” Also, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, a large number of companies involving Google, Facebook and Microsoft are encouraging or mandating the work-from-home policy.

It’s not hard to predict that remote work and home office will be a long-time habit after the coronavirus since people have never stopped pursuing flexible working. Remote desktop solutions are in great demand to satisfy people’s remote work needs.

Home Office with AweSun Remote Desktop

Home Office with AweSun

AweSun is an all-in-one remote desktop solution that redefines remote desktop software. An array of powerful remote work solutions are offered for FREE, including remote desktop, remote support for mobile devices, file transfer, screen sharing, session recording, clipboard sharing, whiteboard, etc. 

You are able to remotely access and control your office computer from your local computers or mobile devices from home or anywhere. You can always keep your home office running smoothly with the help of AweSun.

Remote Desktop

AweSun allows you to remote access a desktop from PCs or mobile devices. By using the Remote Desktop feature, you are able to access everything on the remote PC, programs, documents, websites or anything else are all available from anywhere.

Got privacy concerns? That’s what our Blank Screen for. AweSun allows you to make your remote computer go dark to prevent others nearby from seeing your screen in your remote office.

Learn how to remote access a desktop from your PC, click here.

Secure File Transfer

AweSun offers you a secured cross-platform File Transfer solution between two ends. You are able to transfer files from PC to PC, PC to mobile, and mobile to PC. You can easily transfer files securely from your PC in your remote office to the local one.

AweSun ensures a high-security file transfer feature. All AweSun remote connections and integrated data transfers are secured end to end with RSA/AES (256-bit) encryption to ensure a secure line that is on the same level with the encryption standard used in online banking and multiple sensitive data transfer applications. 

Remote CMD

Remote CMD is one of AweSun’s advanced features that allows you to perform operations using commands remotely. This is very convenient to use if you are in IT or offer technical support to your colleagues or clients. Of course, with this feature, you will have access to technical support from others with AweSun installed on both sides.

More to Explore

Except for the three AweSun features mentioned above, more remote work solutions are also available.

Whiteboard allows you to make notes on the screen during a running session.

Remote Printing enables you to print documents from remote computers directly on a locally accessible printer.

Session Recording can help you record important remote operations without the need for a third-party recording program.

AweSun also supports Text Chatting, Synchronized Clipping, etc.

AweSun always serves as a helper to enable the most practical and effective remote support with powerful remote desktop and remote work solutions offered. Most importantly, even with all we have to offer, AweSun is FREE to use.

You will find it flexible working is never far from you for AweSun is always here is to help with your home office running no matter where you are. We believe AweSun is your must-have FREE program when you need to work remotely anytime anywhere. And, we will not let you down.

Get AweSun and redefine your office right now!

Explore more about AweSun, please visit: https://www.aweray.com/

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