Going remote with AweSun

How AweSun Remote Desktop Works When Going Remote

Thinking of going remote? Under current challenging situations worldwide, lots of people are shifting to remote work, or, for the first time, offering or receiving remote support to or from others. Going remote is becoming much more popular than ever before. And, that’s what AweSun is here for.

What is AweSun Remote Desktop?

Going Remote with AweSun

AweSun Remote Desktop is a remote-friendly software tool that enables you to remotely access a remote computer or mobile device via your local computers or mobile devices, from home or anywhere. AweSun allows you to provide remote support for colleagues, clients, friends, or family.

How AweSun Works for You When Going Remote

AweSun, with a robust array of remote access and remote support solutions, helps people to deal with all kinds of going-remote scenarios, whether you have to work remotely, offer remote support to your colleagues, clients, friends or family.

AweSun Support for Remote Work

AweSun offers multiple remote work solutions for FREE, including remote desktop, file transfer, multi-concurrent sessions, session recording, remote printing, whiteboard, blank screen, clipboard sharing, etc.  

With the help of AweSun, you can remotely access and control your office computer via your local computers or mobile devices from home or anywhere.

To do this, all you need to do is to log into AweSun on both your home and office computers and establish a remote connection. You will be able to access your files, programs, websites, say, literally everything, on your office computer, and use it like you are in front of it.


How to Connect to a Remote Computer from Your Local Computer?

AweSun Support for Mobile Devices

You must have occurred circumstances when your mom asks you to help her with software installation, mobile phone troubleshooting, or even complicated system setup. And, yes, each time you are driven crazy. That’s why AweSun support for mobile devices is warmly welcomed by our users worldwide.

To do this, support requesters just need the AweSun Client app installed on their mobile devices and supporters get AweSun on their computers or mobile devices.

This allows you to fix mobile device issues quickly. You will be able to enjoy this advanced feature for free for one year. During this challenging period, AweSun wants all of you to feel our care and support.

Also, if you are an iOS user, you can always share your phone screen to a computer, you will enjoy an amazing big-screen experience!


How to Connect to a Remote Android Device from Your Local Compute?

How to Connect to a Remote Android Device from Your Mobile Device?

AweSun Support for Technical Issues

Not limited to basic features for regular remote access and support solutions for computers or mobile devices, AweSun also covers advanced features such as remote CMD in its Pro and Game version that enables technical staff or tech-savvy individuals to offer remote support by performing operations using commands remotely. With the help of AweSun, you are able to remotely solve technical issues anytime anywhere.

The good news is that The Pro and Game services are available for a first-purchase discount. AweSun provides an unlimited subscription plan that allows users to choose a monthly subscription. 

AweSun is always here to help when you have to cope with “going remote” situations with powerful remote access and remote support solutions offered. Using AweSun and going remote is definitely the new normal!

Explore more AweSun “going remote” solutions, please visit: https://www.aweray.com/

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