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Catch Up the 2020 Remote Work Trend with AweSun

Work does not equal to a fixed office desk or a permanent address anymore. Instead of working on-site, we start to build invisible connections through cables, between devices. Connections allow coworkers to be apart and bring the ideal remote workplace into reality.

Remote Work in 2020

When digital technology offers us generation the option of remote work, it has transformed the traditional workplace and work norms. More flexibility and autonomy is given to each employee. 

As the COVID-19 breaks out across the globe, the pace of society as well as economy has been slowed down. More and more enterprises start to look for a safe and effective means to gradually recover from this special period.

Remote work is not an experimental trail at this point, but a recommended work-from-home option everyone hopes to quickly adopt. By using the right technology tools, it may positively enhance your remote work productivity and efficiency. And here comes AweSun Remote Desktop!

What is AweSun?

AweSun Remote Desktop

AweSun is a remote desktop software that aims to create a secure and efficient remote work environment. AweSun offers multiple remote work solutions for FREE, such as remote desktop, file transfer, remote printing, screen sharing, session recording, etc.

How AweSun Works

AweSun enables users to cope with remote work situations anytime, anywhere. The features listed below help maximize productivity.

Remote Desktop

AweSun helps build PC to PC, PC to mobile, and mobile to PC connections. The remote desktop feature allows you to access your remote device without geographical limitations. You will be able to access the remote device as if you are sitting right in front of it.

AweSun allows for cross-platform connections that cover Windows, iOS and Android. AweSun’s upcoming update will embrace the Mac version as well. Stay tuned to hear from us soon!

Meanwhile, AweSun offers you the blank screen feature that is specifically designed out of the privacy concern. While users are accessing the remote desktop, the blank screen feature can control the device’s monitor to go dark. Users can easily switch the blank mode at any time. For detailed instructions, click here.

File Transfer

AweSun offers a cross-device file sharing solution between two ends. AweSun utilizes RSA/AES (256-bit) Encryption Technology to ensure users’ privacy during the session. AweSun provides two options for file transfer service. In the traditional means, users can upload the file on the local end and download on the remote device.

A more convenient way AweSun provides is for PC to PC file transfer sessions. You can enjoy the high-speed service by simply dragging the files from one local screen to another.

Remote CMD

If you work as a technician who has to offer technical support, Remote CMD is a powerful tool to utilize. The feature Remote CMD is exclusive to AweSun Pro and AweSun Game Version. It enables technicians to perform operations using commands remotely. This function can be practiced between two PCs or from mobile devices to a PC.

AweSun dedicates to building secure remote connections for all. More powerful features such as synchronized clipping, text chatting, remote printing and session recording are FREE to use.

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