How People Think of AweSun?

Get Closer to AweSun – How People Think of AweSun?

Since its birth, AweSun Remote Desktop has been committed to providing remote desktop services to people worldwide with remote connectivity needs. We are constantly making enhancements to offer better services. From AweSun 1.0 to AweSun 1.1, from “remote desktop” to “remote phone”, and more surprises ahead, AweSun always considers your needs as the first priority.

More importantly, along the way, your feedback is invaluable and helps us to decide which features to build and what improvements can be made to our services. 

Since April, we have been running a campaign to better understand our users with a 3-Month Game Subscription offered for FREE as a gift. We are thrilled to find many of our users happily accepted our invitation and shared their experience with details. We also want to take this opportunity to express our sincere appreciation here.

What did they say about AweSun?

The feedback activity is still undergoing, but we cannot wait to share several feedback and reviews on AweSun today!

“I’d say one massive advantage is the range of options available on the free service, it’s so nice knowing I can do basic remote access jobs without having a time limit or massive fee, especially for people like me who don’t have much financially it’s very useful I’d say it’s one of the smoothest ones as well in terms of input lag, especially for the free service The ability to access phones as well is very handy It’s UI is very good as well, when controlling another device there’s plenty of great options available and is generally very easy.”

–AweSun user from Brisbane

“Easy to use. Free to use.”

–AweSun user from England

“AweSun is really amazing and very useful and a very strong tool for working outside the office…also… you have a very reliable technical support… attentive and helpful.”

–AweSun user from Dubai


–AweSun user from Taiwan

“It’s helpful if you forget to bring a laptop somewhere or need to fix up a few mistakes on a draft. It works perfectly…I couldn’t find an app that had such great quality. I also like how it’s free for the basic features that are required for a Remote Desktop app.”

–AweSun user from Australia

“I come from Vietnam and I love this app.”

–AweSun user from Vietnam

“I like how easy AweSun is to use, and how well it works on mobile devices. I like the interface.”

–AweSun user from England

“I use AweSun to help my friends with her computer and her games as well as send files. I like how well it works.”

–AweSun user from America

Above are some of the comments from our “interviewees”. We are very glad to know that our users are enjoying a great experience with AweSun. What is most valuable to us is the suggestions and expectations they offered that help us make corresponding enhancements in the near future.

Can their expectations for AweSun be fulfilled?

We found that the top two expectations are AweSun support for mobile devices and Mac OS. And here is the good news!

We have recently released AweSun 1.1 that empowers you to remotely access mobile devices. Support requesters just need the AweSun Client app installed on their mobile devices. This is a great solution if you want to assist their family, friends, or clients with phone setup, app installation, or troubleshooting. You can enjoy this advanced feature for FREE for one year. 

Plus, our team has been working on AweSun support for Mac, and it will be available very soon. Just stay tuned!

What questions they have for AweSun?

During this AweSun experience sharing activity, we found several questions that are very frequently asked. Here is a brief summary with the corresponding answers offered. Hopefully, this will do some help if you have got similar puzzles.

Q: It’s silent during a running session, how to deal with it?

A: Click here.

Q: Remote access a computer via System password, it keeps prompting “Incorrect username or password”.

A: Click here.

Q: During a running session, the desktop background automatically goes black.

A: Click here.

Q: Where can I change my profile information?

A: Click here.

For more AweSun support with detailed instructions, please go to AweSun Help Center.

How can I share my own experience with AweSun?

This feedback sharing activity is still undergoing, we welcome every one of you to join us and tell us your experience with AweSun, a 3-Month Game Subscription will be offered for FREE. If you are interested, please don’t hesitate to contact us via Email:

Also, if you have any further questions or concerns or anything you’s like to share, welcome to join our AweSun Community. There will be support from our team available. Click to join now!

Again, we appreciate every kind comment and feedback from you and this is invaluable to us. There is a long journey ahead, and AweSun will never let you down.

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