AweSun for IT Professionals

How AweSun Solutions Work for IT Professionals?

Imagine you are sitting at your office desk, facing the computer, receives clients’ calls for technical support. How will you make the best use of technology? This time, we want to take an insight into AweSun’s application in IT professionals’ daily work.

AweSun for All

As an all-in-one remote solution, AweSun hopes to meet different users’ diverse needs. That is also the reason why we embed Game version for entertainment purposes. We gain insights from users’ feedback to keep optimizing the product in the long run.

Our users find the remote desktop feature fill the need when they are suddenly occupied out of office or adopt the remote work lifestyle at home. They are able to transfer files between two devices with no need of presence. Game lovers find lots of fun by using AweSun to play PC games on their phones. Location or is not an issue then.

AweSun for IT Professionals

Ben, an IT technician from AweSun Customer Support Team, told us that our IT team uses AweSun to do remote support a lot. In most cases, Ben uses AweSun to offer remote customer support. AweSun is also helpful when it comes to helping colleagues with their technological issues.

Besides the remote desktop, Remote CMD, Text Chatting and Session Recording are praised as highly user-friendly. This time, we are going to talk more about these features.

Remote CMD

When IT support has to run the CMD, this feature is more direct and simpler than do it through Remote Desktop. Users can access the CMD window by one click in AweSun. Remote CMD feature is exclusive to AweSun Pro and AweSun Game.

Ben said that he used remote CMD operations for our company’s work computers. These computers are already bound under an AweSun account. He could then access the devices quickly.

Text Chatting

During a running session between PC and PC, the text chatting feature allows users to achieve instant communication. This feature is effective for IT support experts which enables them to communicate and troubleshooting at the same time in one channel——AweSun.

By explicitly explaining the trouble in words, it helps bring effective communication to two parties.

Session Recording

This feature allows users to record remote operations during the sessions. The recorded file will be saved at local computer which is secure and private-preserving. You can use the feature for PC to PC and PC to mobile sessions.

In some cases, IT technicians using session recording is aimed to deliver the issue to another technical staff or department. The file could fully show the case and have more details.

 No matter what kind of job you can think of, AweSun dedicates to improving the work efficiency for all. Specifically speaking, IT professionals can use AweSun to simplify their workflow to some extent. We believe you may all find another smart way to cooperate fine technology into work routine. Find out how other AweSun users think of AweSun here!

See what change AweSun can bring you and share with us! Explore more about AweSun, please visit:

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