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3 Tips to Save You From Long Distance Commute

A “Super Commuter” is a person who travels 90 minutes or even more to work each day, each way. In America, the number of super commuters (people who travel 90 minutes or more to work each day, each way) keeps rising. Statistics show that there were already 4.3 million workers with long distance commutes of 90 minutes or more in 2018.

Long Distance Commute Choice

The surge of super commuters is out of two reasons. In metropolitan like New York, the housing cost in central area is expensive. It enforces people to move to the peripheries of the metro. In the opposite case, some rural areas do not have good work opportunities. Residents there may choose to travel for longer distance for a better opportunity.

It is a personal choice of lifestyle which takes considerations from multiple aspects. If you are experiencing a long distance commute, check out the following tips to help better manage the life and work balance in your long travel.

1. Utilize apps to save time

Utilizing the app in a smart way will definitely save your time. Using apps like Google Maps to set your workplace address inside and your expected arrival time, you will get notifications of delays caused by congestion up to time. The app can also automatically plan for the best route which you may never know before.

2. Put your time alone to good use

In metropolitans, more commuters are using public transportation instead of driving. Admittedly, commute time seems to be a good time for “social media”, but tapping and scrolling on the phone for a long time is still energy-consuming. Moreover, the exhaustion will later impact one’s work performance.

To start a whole-day work, you have to transit from your home mode to work mode. The role change requires mental preparation which is often neglected by most people. Try to read some books or magazines to seek for some enlightenment or simply enjoy relaxing music to get a relief. The commuting time could also be time for self-healing and self-improvement.

3. Being Prepared and Organized

  • Organize the documents you need to bring to the office one night in advance.
  • Leave for work 15 to 20 minutes early.
  • Pack snacks for yourself, especially if you are hypoglycemic.

Besides these above, AweSun is here to help.

Introduction of AweSun Remote Desktop

AweSun Remote Desktop is an all-in-one remote solutions. It offers functions such as remote desktop, file transfer and screen sharing. The software is a useful tool for wide variety of employees in their daily work. Remote collaboration, technological support and remote presentation can all be achieved by AweSun.

If you are using public transportation to commute and tired of bearing a heavy backpack, use AweSun. You can leave your laptop at home then and achieve remote access at anytime, anywhere.

AweSun supports cross-platform connections (iOS, Android, Windows). It enables you to remote access the PC in office from your mobile devices. You can also remote access the home laptop from the office PC when you arrived at workplace. The software can greatly relieves super commuters’ panic, especially when they have to access the computers during the long-distance commute. Click here to see how AweSun supports you while going remote.

AweSun’s vision is to make your work convenient and organized. AweSun dedicates to providing secure remote connections for all. AweSun support for macOS is coming soon. Explore more about AweSun, please visit:

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