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Purify a Safe Online Environment for Kids with AweSun

The way children use the Internet and mobile technologies has changed dramatically in the past years. The Internet has become the new playground for kids everywhere. Hours are spent playing online games, using social networking sites, streaming music, and researching for homework. As parents, are you worrying about the online environment?

According to a discussion paper published by the UNICEF’s Office of Research-Innocenti, digital technology has both negative and positive impacts on children. You could say the Internet is an expansive multimedia library with readily available content for children to find and absorb. The paper also highlighted that more attention should be given to how content influences children and the types of digital activities they engage in.

Because not all available content are appropriate. Kids may be exposed to sites with pornography, gruesome images, violence, and other inappropriate content. Your kids can also end up at unsafe sites through innocent search results or by clicking links to supposedly safe videos.

Nowadays,media is becoming the only way of some young parents to calm children. Although most browsers have a built-in filter to ensure that only kid-friendly search results show up. “Never Allow Very Young Children to Browse the Internet Unaccompanied”, this suggestion is still advocated by many childcare experts. Parents have so much to do, and it’s impossible to police your children’s every online activity or every app they download to make sure they stay off the seedy parts of the web. The best alternative is to install parental controls on their gadgets.

AweSun offers the solution

AweSun offers a powerful remote desktop solution that will help you connect to kids computers or mobile phone remotely and securely, be it from home or halfway around the world. Check this video to see the introduction of AweSun.

Remote view the desktop

Letting your kids go online requires more than just setting up and paying for the Internet connection. Without your guidance, your kids may end up visiting bad sites and encountering the wrong kind of people. For the children, “Click” is instinctive reaction. For the older kids who already have social network, they may have a difficult time discerning what type of information is appropriate to share on the different platforms available. They may not also be aware that whatever they share online could wind up public and have undesirable consequences.

In order to ensure that children have a safe online environment, AweSun remote desktop feature is the right tool to support parents to check what web or page children is watching or reading. After setting the cartoon for them and leaving children in study room or kitchen table, you are busy with cleaning every corner at home. So use your phone quick remote view their screen occasionally reassures you with what kids are absorbing and it’s the most convenient way.

Children always call MUM immediately no matter how tiny things happened. When they yell you remotely to check what happened on the computer, take a glance at your phone first, instead of rushing to the study room. Actually, maybe you just need to close a pop-ups.

Remote access phone to cope with emergencies

According to SellCell Survey, 42% of kids spending 30+ hours a week on their phone. To keep in touch is the most important concern of parents who think kids should own a phone. What happens if you’re running late picking your child up from school? You can call them to explain the situation. Now, they can hold tight without being concerned.

But, is it enough safe at other aspects?

Got a strange payment receipt? As the pops up advertisement exists everywhere online. You don’t know how kids attracted by any game picture and click to pay for the gear without any hesitation. When they are at school, remote control their phone to cancel that transaction ASAP and educate them after school.

Cyberbullying and online grooming. Internet enables users to comment anonymously and post messages that stay up “forever.” Giving a kid a private cell phone makes it that much easier for them to be a victim of torment — or even torment others — online. When you notice kid has been depressed recently and they don’t want to talk with you. Check the web browsing history of the phone to see whether you can find right way to enlighten them. Parents are always the people who care most about their children.

Children can also receive calls from anyone who has their number unless there are specific blocks on their phone. Parents have no way of knowing who is saying what to their child. During the daytime, if kid tell you he got a harassing call at school, immediately remote access to his phone to check the number and help him block that, even it’s a survey call or cold calls.  

Parenting technology tools are used to protect children. Remote support, access and control the other phone without location barrier. Of course, especially for older children, you have to first let them know why you’re doing this and how it can benefit them. You don’t want to send the message that you don’t trust them.

AweSun allows you to remotely access and control an Android device from your computer, iOS or Android devices. Support requesters just need the AweSun Client app installed on their Android devices. It’s quick to set up and learn, here is how to.

Balance work and life

Except for the consideration of safe online environment for kids, AweSun remote desktop is the best tool for work from home. Have more quality time with family after finish the work with efficiency. Connect to remote computers, play PC games remotely, provide remote support & collaborate online. Balance work and life with AweSun, get it for free now!

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