What AweSun Features Do You Need when WFH

What AweSun Features Do You Need When WFH?

Have you figured out how to survive and thrive while working from home? AweSun Remote Desktop offers powerful features that enable you to connect to your work computer, from your laptop, iPad or iPhone, anytime and anywhere. It’s free, fast and simple, which makes WFH look just like sitting in front of your office desktop.

What AweSun free yet powerful features support you WFH with productivity exactly? Check it out.

Secure Unattended Access

This feature is a prerequisite for WFH. AweSun supports secure unattended access to a remote computer. You can conveniently connect to an unattended remote computer without worrying about security issues. This option allows you to set a password (system password or independent password) which can be used to enable access to your devices without local confirmation.

Blank Screen

Feel annoying and a little weird if the remote PC screen can be seen by anyone in a public space? AweSun’s blank screen feature allows you to make a remote computer monitor go dark to prevent anyone from seeing the screen while accessing a remote device. This will save you from your concerns on privacy issues, no matter during PC to PC session or mobile device to PC session.

File Transfer

Is this the most frequently used feature for you? AweSun offers you cross-device file transfer solution between two ends. You are able to transfer files from PC to PC, PC to mobile, and mobile to PC. Secure remote desktop file transfer from AweSun ensures effortless file and folder sharing between devices.


The whiteboard feature allows you to draw or write on the screen during a session, all participants of a session will be able to see what are displayed on the screen. Take a few notes or mark key points during the demonstration to help your interpretation become clearer.

Session Recording

AweSun allows you to record important remote operations without the need for third-party screen recording program. Even you can create shareable support for further usage like sharing presentations and training materials. Both PC to PC and PC to mobile devices session recording, we provide the tutorials.

Remote Printing

If you need a hard copy of remote file, skip file transfer, AweSun allows you to print documents from remote computers directly on a locally accessible printer. Now you just have to activate the feature and select your local printer and you’re done!

Besides AweSun features, we have more WFH tips for you to boost efficiency and increase productivity.

Remote Access Mobie Devices

Last but not least, what is the most to distract you when working from home? I believe many people’s answers will be: definitely the kids. When you focus on your PC and leave kids with your mobile phone, will you worry about what they are watching when the quiet lasts a long time?

AweSun offers a powerful remote desktop solution – that will help you connect to kids’ computers or mobile phone with AweSun Client. Purify a safe online environment for kids with AweSun and help you focus on work at ease without worrying about what knowledge children are absorbing.

What’s New – AweSun Windows X

When you are at home and want to connect to the computer at work but also to be able communicate with the people near the computer at work, how to do that? AweSun – Windows X with Two Way Audio coming soon.

AweSun has Blank Screen to protect your privacy, AweSun – Windows X will provide the feature to Lock the Remote Screen Automatically when the remote control session is over. Control your own devices as you like.

AweSun,as a remote desktop software, always poses great emphasis on security when offering services. We are deeply aware that security should be the priority since it not only protect our users from online risks but also displays our responsibility for every AweSun user. Windows X equipped with strong remote connection security. You can set the option: after who you believe enters both your Device ID and Passcode, the remote connection works Only When You Agree with that.

When using the clipboard, except for drag and drop the files, copy and paste files, images maximizes remote workforce productivity with AweSun remote connection and smart support.

Besides these new features, the brand new AweSun – Windows X also optimizes in more aspects. Expecting for it with us together!

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