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Ready for Hybrid Workplace Post COVID?

Tech giants, like Google, Facebook, and Microsoft all announced has extended its work-from-home policy for the remainder of 2020. From AweSun user’s questionnaires, many SMEs also made similar announcement, not only the tech company.

Are you wondering the noise on WFH news coverage implies that the office is going away and that we are all going completely remote in a post-COVID-19? Actually, this is a sign to remind us we should be prepared for the hybrid workplace style.

2 Aspects Why the Office Is Here to Stay

Although a lot of benefits of WFH like: access to a global talent pool, an increase in productivity from reduced work disruptions, a smaller carbon footprint, and business continuity. Office still has its own irreplaceable position.

Culture eats strategy for breakfast

First, a physical office is a sign of prestige, a way to portray a business as successful to prospective clients and competition. No matter how effective working from home can be, customers and other stakeholders need a professional space where they can visit without feeling like they are infringing on anyone’s privacy.

Second, management guru Peter Drucker famously stated that culture eats strategy for breakfast. Every company has its unique culture that’s influenced by the founder. Often, it’s implicit and unwritten. Even when a lot of the culture is written, there is a lot more between the lines. It takes a lot more effort to keep the company culture when teams are working from home. The risk is the brewing of sub-cultures and countercultures.

Personal promotion needs to be seen first

Partial employees work from home creates two classes of employees. The ones that are at the office get more visibility, more opportunities, and are more in the know. It shouldn’t be like this and there are ways to improve it, but yet it happens. In the long run, promotion chance will be unfair as much efforts may be forgotten and much skills may be underestimated. Being out of sight permanently and out of mind could easily allow someone else to get the promotion you were in line for.

Besides colleagues and managers who work around you, part of your social network extends when you are out of home. Stay quiet and happy, within their own social milieu. Peaceful and undisturbed home environment is chill, however several unexpected opportunities just pass by you silently.

How to set up Hybrid Workplace

As its name implies, the hybrid office is an office setup where employees have the flexibility to work from the office or anywhere else they have access to the tools they need to perform their work.

Clearly hybrid office policy making to run business smoothly

As some employees whose work requires physically being in the office, these are not included in WFH list. So the first is clearly defined who the policy applies to. Second, set expectations and guidelines for when employees can be remote and when they should be on promise work. List out all of the possible scenarios and make sure to include guidelines for each item in your policy.

Accordingly office space redesign to meet assumed goals

Reduced operational cost is one advantage of remote work from company perspective. Now, how do you make the most of your physical office space if employees only come 2 or 3 days a week, or even a few days one month? These are just a few areas to explore. The bottom line is that you need to define what you are trying to accomplish and design your space accordingly.

Wisely technology and tool investment to support hybrid team

Advanced technology nowadays makes the topic we are talking about realizable. What are the tools you need in place to allow your team to work remotely, productively, and securely? Good tools bring more profit, well-organized team, high-tech company culture and harmonious working atmosphere.

How AweSun can help you build hybrid workplace?

If you are ready for the hybrid office, AweSun is here to help. As a professional remote desktop solution provider, we enable organizations to embrace the modern way of working. Securely and efficiently working from anywhere—to help organizations across various industries create a productive and more empowered workforce.

AweSun offers multiple remote work solutions for FREE, including remote desktop, file transfer, multi-concurrent sessions, session recording, remote printing, whiteboard, blank screen, clipboard sharing, etc. With the help of AweSun, you can remotely access and control your office computer via your local computers or mobile devices from home or anywhere.

3 Days ago, AweSun for Windows 1.5 just released with new enhancements, which provides added features and improved functionality for AweSun Windows users. Two-way audio, Auto-lock after a remote session and Dual-authentication access, every updated feature aims for a better user experience.

AweSun helps organizations across various industries create a productive and more empowered workforce. Now, are you ready to embrace hybrid workplace style with AweSun together? For the latest information: https://aweray.com/

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