AweSun for macOS

AweSun for macOS Pre-Release: Comprehensively Cross- Platform Connections

Start your brand new remote desktop experience – we are excited to share with you the good news – AweSun for macOS is coming! “When you come up with Mac version”, we got a lot enquires and comments about this. This is the motivation of our R&D team’s efforts.

Since its initial launch, AweSun solutions for remote desktop have already covered Windows, iOS and Android devices. And now, its support for macOS realized comprehensively achieve the goal of cross- platform connections. The technology firm is dedicating to achieve their work ambition: make connections anywhere, anytime.

AweSun Remote Desktop is a great tool for remote support, remote collaboration and presentation. File transfer, remote printing, screen mirroring and more free yet powerful features that enable people to connect to work computer, from home laptop, iPad or iPhone. It facilitates remote access to any device as if users were right in front of them.

With the updated version, brand new UI makes you arrange all devices smartly. AweSun for macOS will be free for personal and commercial use, support family, friends and clients or access your own computer remotely.

Except all the features Free Version provides, the upgraded Pro Version enables users to perform remote CMD and access to the remote camera. IT professionals and experts can get more convenience from the enhanced features.

AweSun Game Version, which attracts much attention, is making the software standing out among its competitors. The Game Version enables users to customize a gaming keyboard on the mobile device. Users can therefore freely play favourite PC games on their phones. AweSun strategically extends their target audience to game lovers. The tech firm’s interaction with game industry brings more possibilities to its product future development.

As a remote access service provider, we are deeply aware that our users pose great emphasis on security and privacy. AweSun holds the belief that no matter what excellence technology brings, it should not sacrifice user’s privacy as the expense. Out of security concern, AweSun adopts a two-factor authentication with RSA/AES (256-bit) Encryption method which is highly secured about the users’ data.

Not only that, AweRay has never stopped continuously updating and developing products for excellent user experience. In March, 2020, AweSun launched the AweSun Client app installed for mobile devices. The app offers a great solution for users who want to assist their family, friends, or clients with phone setup, app installation, or troubleshooting. In June, 2020, AweSun for Windows 1.5 updated with two-way audio, copy & paste Files, dual-authentication access to optimize remote connection.

Maybe that’s one the reasons that AweSun received many thanks letters this year. Remote work is not an experimental trail or an ideal concept today. Technology firms like AweSun are making smart tools for all. During recent WFH wave, the surge in the number of users is obvious and many users expressed their gratitude to AweSun for providing a variety of powerful yet free features that help them quickly adapt to remote work.

The each step of progress technology made is building up to a free space where independence and collaboration is simultaneously allowed. As AweSun’s vision goes, empowering everyone with the tools they need to do great work and have great fun.

Stay tuned for more surprise in the future:

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