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How AweSun Users Use AweSun? -Make the Most of AweSun

As you have known, AweSun Remote Desktop offers a wide range of powerful features to help you cope with remote support circumstances. But how to make the most of AweSun? Do you only apply AweSun for very simple use and feel confused about how those other features can be of help for you? Then you may want to read on.

During the past three months, we have conducted a campaign to get to know more about our users. We highly appreciate every feedback, comment and suggestion from every one of you, which is invaluable to us and helps us make further enhancements in the future and offers better services based on your demands. Today, we’d like to share some of our users’ experience using AweSun. Hopefully, you can get some inspiration from their creative usage of AweSun. And make the most of AweSun yourself.

How Our Users Make the Most of AweSun?

During this feedback collecting campaign, we’re surprised to know various creative AweSun usage scenarios, check out to find how to make the most of AweSun!

Programs Running

Some AweSun users prefer to connect to a remote PC from their local PC or mobile devices and run programs on the remote PC. This could help save time and keep the programs on the remote PC running smoothly.

File transfer

Using AweSun for file transfer is relatively common among our users. Initially, AweSun allows you to transfer files via two options: download & upload; Drag & Drop. Windows 1.5 makes this even more convenient. You are able to copy and paste files during a PC to PC connection and achieves more efficient file transfer. This feature is only available for PC to PC connection with AweSun’s latest version for Windows installed on both sides.

Technical Support

We glad to know that many of our users work in IT and AweSun helps them with all kinds of technical stuff. For instance, one user from the UK said he served as the technician in a medical center and will help the doctors or other medical staff with technical issues such as the setup of professional medical equipment. AweSun acts as a great helper when it comes to remote technical support.

Remote Coding

Many of our users mentioned that they are using AweSun for remote coding. They choose to connect to their computers from their mobile phones or iPads for programming. This makes the whole coding process much more flexible and convenient.

Remote Game

As AweSun offers strong game features, many game fans are empowered to remotely play their favorite computer games on their mobile devices. AweSun Game Solutions like the exclusive game link and customized game keyboard ensures game players amazing game experiences.

Websites Browsing

Some websites can only be viewed on the computer side or are only available on the local computer due to the network limits. One AweSun user from Belgium told us that he would often remotely connect to his campus computer from her home laptop to access certain websites that are only accessible based via the campus network. AweSun smartly helped him with this concern.

Screen Mirroring

Sharing a small screen to a larger one is one of AweSun most frequently used features. A large number of AweSun users tend to use AweSun to share the pictures, documents or PPTs to a computer for a team meeting or during a class in a quick and easy way.

Apart from what has been mentioned above, AweSun users also use AweSun to edit computer files remotely on their local computers or mobile device, help their family with complicated setup steps or troubleshooting, etc.

With all the powerful features offered, AweSun could do great help when it comes to remote desktop support or remote work solutions. There is still much more to explore how to make the most of AweSun! We are looking forward to more insights into AweSun from every one of you.

Plus, we have recently released the long-expected AweSun for macOS! Apply AweSun for macOS right now.

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