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No Distance Barrier: AweSun Tips for Remote and Distributed Workers

As working from home becomes more widespread, many say they don’t want to go back. The steady rise of working from home trend makes people rethink this work style. A whopping 74% of respondents in an annual survey believe that flexible working has become the “new normal.” If you are one of the groups that work like this, of if you must collaborate with remote colleagues, AweSun Remote Desktop offers tips to eliminate distance barrier.

You may need to control both home laptop and office desktop. At the same time, as growing firms open new offices, you might be working with people in Chicago, Melbourne or Shanghai, as well as across town. With AweSun Remote Desktop, remote and distributed workers can remote support each other as if you were sitting together.

All your own equipment is under control

Mobile phone, office desktop, lab PC, home laptop, pad, even office mobile phone, nowadays, we equipped with several devices. If all these can be accessed from one end would be perfect. An all-in-one remote desktop software is what distributed team need.

AweSun allows you to remotely take full-time control of your office computer over a secure network connection, while you are work from home or on the go. Need any form figures from intranet system software during a work call with client? Immediately remote access to office PC. Want to read papers from remote desktop files on home sofa? Remote print any documents you want in a second.

Its ample support for multiple operating systems makes boundaries blurred between your devices. The long-expected AweSun for macOS version just released, so now AweSun covers Windows, iOS, macOS and Android devices, cross-platform support boosts work efficiency to a higher level.

Solve IT problems remotely in time

When AweSun and powerful remote desktop features were built with IT administrators and managers in mind – they make it easy for IT support personnel to access connected computers via a ‘master’ computer. Save time for explaining what problems are and save energy for teaching how to do when two ends are far apart, especially during WFH time. AweSun helps troubleshoot different issues remotely through a secure one-to-one connection and prevent work progress from stalling due to IT problems.

Help your team connected

Increase company-wide visibility and strengthen bond between team members are vital for building good corporate culture. Sometimes, rely on oral discussion about work is not enough. When cooperate with colleagues, show desktop directly what you are watching and doing is the most efficient way. The latest AweSun for Windows allows you to have a real-time talk with the remote side via the two-way audio feature. At the same time, the whiteboard feature allows you to draw or write on the screen during a session, all participants of a session will be able to see what are displayed on the screen.

Don’t forget family members from afar

According to a survey, when asked how they were spending the time they saved on their commute, many respondents said they were spending time with family (47%). It’s good to have quality time with partner or kids during quarantine time. But don’t forget older parents who are suffering from the quarantine policy.

When you can still shopping online or even order pizza and coffee. They are bored at home and stuck at the backyard. Apply AweSun to help them go through this tough time and care them more with this chance. Remote control pc to help them set network, download appropriate entertainment software or even download classic movies for them. With AweSun Client installed on elderly parents’ mobile phone, remote access to their phone and teach them how to use phone smart. Make life more convenient and help them get more fun to follow the tech trend. Last but not least, don’t worry, the setup of AweSun is incredibly easy and user friendly. Anyone can master how to use AweSun.

Have you successfully make good use of remote desktop software to improve work efficiency and quality of life? Please share your thoughts, experiences and opinions in the comments!

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