3 Books About Remote Desktop

3 Books About Remote Desktop You Should Read

Generally speaking, remote desktop is a software or operating system that allows remotely controlling or logging into a desktop via a network connection. This is not hard to understand even at a glance. Still wanna explore more? There is a much larger world out there. A deep reading of related professional books should always be the best option.

3 Books About Remote Desktop You Should Read

Today we are gonna share you 6 books about remote desktop that could give you more insight into this special field.

1. Remote Desktop Services A Complete Guide – 2020 Edition

This book comprehensively covered all Remote Desktop Services essentials, clearly explained what needs to be clarified and to organize the required activities and processes so that Remote Desktop Services outcomes are achieved. If you are interested in remote desktop connection services, this book should be the one. View on Amazon.

2. Remote desktop software The Ultimate Step-By-Step Guide

This book explains the knowledge, skills and characteristics required to run a remote desktop software project. Also a step-by-step guide will be offered that could facilitate a deeper and more specific understanding of remote desktop software and also the appropriate methods and tips on how to make the most of remote desktop software. View on Amazon.

3. RDS – The Complete Guide: Everything you need to know about RDS. And more.

This book gives you the ultimate guide on how to establish a well-configured Microsoft RDS environment. RDS (Remote Desktop Services) is a complete platform for remote application delivery, on-premises or in the cloud. Deploying, managing, troubleshooting, monitoring, printing, connecting, every single item is there, explained in very detailed step-by-step guides by long time Microsoft MVPs for Remote Desktop, Cláudio Rodrigues and Freek Berson.View on Amazon.

Use A Remote Desktop Software Yourself

After the input from basic reading, you may need to use a “real” remote desktop software and apply the knowledge you’ve learned . You could let it be your remote work tool or whatever that could be of help when coping with all kinds of “going remote” circumstances. AweSun Remote Desktop could be your choice.

What is AweSun Remote Desktop?

AweSun is a remote desktop software that empowers you to remotely access and support computers or mobile devices from your local computers or mobile devices from home or anywhere. As a cross-platform tool, AweSun covers Windows, macOS iOS and Android.

A wide range of remote desktop solutions are offered by AweSun that include multi-concurrent sessions, remote support for mobile devices, session recording, remote printing, whiteboard, file transfer, blank screen, clipboard sharing, etc. All these solutions are offered for FREE

How AweSun Helps?

AweSun Remote Desktop can be applied to various “going remote” scenarios. With the help of AweSun, you are able to remotely access and control your office computer from home or on the go. Work emergencies can be properly dealt with.

Moreover, AweSun can make you more closer to your family by enabling you to help them with program setup, troubleshooting, or any other remote support needed. For instance, you can remote control your mom’s Android with the AweSun Client app installed and help her with some setup.

Apply AweSun right now and experience an amazing “remote” world!

Explore more AweSun remote desktop and remote work solutions, go to AweRay.com 

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