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3 Signs You Should Be Working Remotely

Do you have a yearning for freelancing? Do you envy your colleagues who work remotely from home? Today, employment and income avenues are more diverse than ever, many people even have multiple careers. While remote work is more and more popular, it also comes with its own unique set of challenges, so check this guide to see whether remote work is a good fit for you and your lifestyle.

3 Signs To Call For Action

You know you’re ready to be a remote worker when you notice these signs below.

1. Excellent Self-Manage And Well-Organize Skill

When you work remotely, your self-manage and organizational skills have to be superior, even though it may take some time to finesse. You can’t rely on anyone to push you or even supervise you, the priority of multi tasks is set by yourself.

In this situation, if you can always complete to do list in half the time because your excellent time management skill, you can work from anywhere instead of stuck in the mandatory eight-hour shift.

2. Tired Of Office Social

More and more people are feeling tired and lonely at work, and this loneliness is due to the emotional exhaustion of workplace burnout. Don’t know how to deal with cliques at work, don’t know how to reply to colleagues’ gossip sharing and tired of bragging how hard it is to work for the silent competition between colleagues.

On the contrary, if you can work without being disturbed and focus on your work, your efficiency and mood will be greatly improved. Then, working at home can be ideal for you.

3. Family Members Complain Your Absence

If you have elderly parents who are ill or young children need you pick up, you probably worry about them while you’re at work each day. Your partner may be unsatisfied with you are too busy and it’s helpless to feel removed from your family and children’s lives.

That problem will be solved if you work at home and you can spend more time with the people you love the most. Set your own flexible schedule to better balance work and life.

How To Be A Great Remote Employee

When you’re seriously planning to work remotely, you need to take into consideration all of the aforementioned factors, plus master how to play with various technology tool for work efficiency. After all, ensuring work output should be the prerequisite of being able to work from home.

A lot of the software on the market is beneficial to employees, but only the correct tools are able to implement remote work at its full potential. How to make you work from home just like sitting before office computer? Remote desktop connection. If the biggest barrier of remote work is solved, you can put your fears to rest.

AweSun Builds Remote Desktop Connection

AweSun remote desktop software is a free remote access program that’s suitable for both home and commercial use. Remote control PC or mobile device via your local computers or mobile devices from home or anywhere. It offers multi-platform support by which enables you to access almost any device.

Connection Between Home & Office

AweSun allows users to seamlessly access to office computer with FREE yet powerful features: remote desktop, file transfer, two-way audio, multi-concurrent sessions, session recording, remote printing, whiteboard, clipboard sharing, etc. With this versatility, control office desktop when you don’t want to physically go to the office. Or when you want to use the more powerful office computer from home laptop to handle complicated tasks, just start remote desktop connection.

And don’t worry about the privacy concern, AweSun’s blank screen feature allows you to make a remote computer monitor go dark to prevent anyone from seeing the screen while accessing a remote device.

Connection Between You & Your Team / Clients

When stuck with the devices or network problem, you can’t just call IT department to your office desk for help as usual, remote desktop connection helps. From AweSun, IT support staff can remote access your laptop at home and deal with any issues.

Feel annoying about taking ages to explain with colleagues about specific problems or want to provide more efficient services for clients, take the most direct action. For example, when discussing the interior design renderings with colleagues or customers, use white board feature to explain clearly. Remote access to the other desktop to demonstrate just like you are sitting together.

If you have these signs and believe you can handle the challenges, you’re officially prepared for working remotely. With the help of AweSun remote desktop, achieve maximum productivity no matter where you are.

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