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Watch Out: How Remote Desktop Is Taking Over and What to Do About It

It is not hard to see that the remote work trend has been on the rise globally during the COVID-19 pandemic. According to the remote work report by Zapier, 95% of U.S. knowledge workers want to work remotely, and 74% would be willing to quit a job to do so. This worldwide trend is transforming how the global workplace operates. And that’s exactly why remote desktop has been taking over.

Meanwhile, people have to deal with all kinds of “going remote” circumstances: work emergencies, remote support for family or friends, technical support, etc. Remote desktop always serves as the most feasible solution to such situations and thus takes an increasingly significant role in our daily life.

What Can We Do About the “Remote Desktop Trend”?

Faced with all this, all we can do and need to do is to embrace this “new normal” and learn to make the most of it to help with our work and life.

In most cases, remote desktop not only applies to remote work but also various scenarios where remote support is required. You may need to remotely help your mom and dad with their new computer’s troubleshooting, work on the go due to some emergencies, or offer remote technical support to your colleagues. Remote desktop can literally help you handle all this in a quick and easy way. It can even help you with work-life balance and enhance your productivity.

Quick Start with A Remote Desktop Tool

How to get started with Remote Desktop? All you need to do is to use a free remote desktop tool and to explore how it helps based on your different needs. Start with AweSun Remote Desktop right now!

What is AweSun Remote Desktop?

AweSun Remote Desktop is an all-in-one free remote desktop software with multiple powerful features offered. AweSun allows you to remotely access and support computers or mobile devices from their local computers or mobile devices from home or anywhere. You can use AweSun on most primary operating systems: Windows, macOS, iOS, and Android.

A wide range of free remote desktop as well as remote work solutions are offered by AweSun that include multi-concurrent sessions, remote support for mobile devices, session recording, remote printing, whiteboard, file transfer, blank screen, clipboard sharing, etc. All these are FREE to use.

How to Get Started with AweSun Remote Desktop?

Today let’s take a look at the basic remote desktop connection cases: PC to PC connection, and mobile to PC connection. This is very simple and easy which allows you to have a general idea of what is remote desktop and how to operate it to satisfy certain needs.

PC to PC Connection:

1. Open up AweSun on both the local and remote computers.

2. Enter the Device ID and Passcode of the remote desktop into the field “Control Remote Device”.

3. Click on “Connect”.

remote desktop

4. You are now connected to the remote desktop.

Mobile to PC Connection

1. Open up AweSun on both the mobile device and the remote computer.

2. On your mobile phone, tap “Discover” > “Remote Assist”.

3. Enter your partner’s Device ID and Passcode in the “Remote Assist” input field.

4. Tap “Connect”.

remote desktop

5. You are now connected to the remote desktop.

AweSun supports most primary operating systems. you can offer and receive remote support whether on smartphones, tablets, laptops, or desktops. There are much more to explore about AweSun remote desktop solutions:

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