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6 Little Changes That’ll Make A Big Difference With Your Remote Desktop Connection

Remote desktop is a program or an operating system feature that allows a user to get access to a computer remotely, view that computer’s desktop and interact with it as if it were local. In short, it makes people live smarter by building a remote desktop connection.

How Can Life Be Changed When You Apply Remote Desktop?

If you are new to remote desktop software, check how it will make your life better and smarter.

1. Seamlessly Connection Between Office And Home

From the AweSun users survey, many people are the first time to be pushed to learn how to use Remote Desktop software because work from home policy this year. After all, this is the quickest solution to transit to remote work style. However, this is also a chance for employees to see how remote desktop connection reduce human effort.

With AweSun Remote Desktop, no matter you choose WFH voluntarily or you are forced to work outside office building, remote view and control office desktop as you are sitting in front of it. For example, using AweSun to get any vital figure from company intranet system during an emergency call with the client.

2. Troubleshooting With Highest Efficiency

When work remotely, you can’t call IT department to check what goes wrong immediately like you are working same place. With the knowledge gap, it may take ages to explain problems clearly and instruct solution efficiently.

The same as the IT customer service staff who are on the call 24/7 and AweSun Remote Desktop software helps them save time and effort by allowing them to fix issues remotely within a few minutes. Customers also avoid the embarrassment by allowing strangers come in home.

3. More Powerful Computers At Your Fingertips

Are the desktops at office, school or lab more powerful and advanced than the laptop at home? If this is the reason let you struggle between where to work, AweSun helps eliminate the obstacle.

No need to go outside, remote control PC from home to finish the complex task. AweSun helps you use available devices smartly, little effort with big reward.

4. Useful Weapon For A Freelancer

With the increasing cost and pressure of living, a small but steady number of people start to find the second or third career opportunity. If one can use his own interests to get extra income and more experience is a fulfilling thing.

For example, if you are good at Photoshop or editing films, remote teach who also have interest about these skills. Remote view your desktop and explain the process step by step makes you the most professional tutor. No need to find clients who live nearby and take time to meet up, with AweSun, the instruction process will be much easier and clearly just like you are sitting together.

5. Closer Bond With Elderly Family Members

During the long-time quarantine period, people are increasingly turning to social media to pass the time, interact with friends and family online and remote work from home for the foreseeable future. However, have you ever thought about showing grandparents how easy it is to talk to a friend they haven’t seen in several years through Skype, or shopping online to have fun and stay safe at home, helping them see the importance of technology and what it has to offer. Technology is supposed to bring us together, don’t let it drives us generationally apart.

With AweSun and AweSun Client, you can get support for your Android devices from computers or mobile devices. Support requester just need the AweSun Client app installed on their Android device. It has never been easier to troubleshoot devices! What’s exciting, this practical usage of remote support phone has one-year free usage benefits. Usually, this usage is chargeable on the market. Now everyone is free to enjoy the chance of helping our love by technology.

6. Play PC Game From Anywhere

What’s unique for the most valuable remote desktop solution? AweSun Game Version is for PC games fans. If you are at home on weekends, you can sit in living room talking with family members and playing PC games from your mobile at the same time. If you are outside, remotely playing your computer game during a class break, on the go, or sitting in a coffee shop, will definitely make you the coolest person in the crowd!

AweSun Game Version provides you with the best remote game solution, offering you exclusive features to optimize your using experience when you are playing computer game on your mobile devices.

AweSun is always here to help when you have to cope with “going remote” situations with powerful remote access and remote support solutions offered. Using AweSun and going remote is definitely the new normal!

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