3 Best Apps for Remote Desktop

3 Best Mobile Apps for Remote Desktop

Technology radically changed the way we work and the global health crisis pushed this even harder. This widely seen transition from traditional office work to the prevailing work-from-home is becoming an irresistible trend. And ordinary people like us are more and more exposed to the tech world. In 2020, let’s stick with Remote Desktop.

The New Essential – Remote Desktop

Remote desktop not only acts as the critical part when it comes to remote work but also an indispensable part under all kinds of circumstances where remote support is needed.

Have to work remotely but the files are only accessible on your office computer? Far from home while find it so hard to explain to your mom on how to set up her new smartphone? Work in IT and always encounter issues that should be dealt with remotely? That’s what remote desktop software is here for. With the help of remote desktop solutions, we can easily find a way out.

3 Incredible Mobile Apps for Remote Desktop

Today, we will look at 3 incredible mobile apps for remote desktop that could be very useful in your daily life.

1. AirDroid

AirDroid mainly allows you to transfer files and share screens. With AirDroid, you can access your devices remotely. You can use it on most primary operating systems easily and conveniently.

Main features:

  • secure and simple file sharing with multiple devices.
  • Desktop access from an Android device; pick up calls and send messages from your desktop.
  • screen sharing from both sides
  • secured backup and synchronization for your phones and desktop computers.

Microsoft Remote Desktop

Microsoft Remote Desktop is built into Windows and you are required to have either Windows Pro, Enterprise, or Ultimate versions installed on the remote computer that you want to access. You can use the Microsoft Remote Desktop app to connect to a remote PC or virtual apps and desktops made available by your admin.

Main Features:

  • Access to PC devices with all the popular versions of Windows operating system.
  • Easy control with Interactive multi-touch and gesture options offered.
  • Easy and convenient video and audio streaming.
  • Secure and simple management of connections and gateways.

AweSun Remote Desktop

AweSun Remote Desktop is a cross-platform remote access software that provides secured remote support services. Until now, AweSun support has covered Windows, macOS, iOS and Android. AweSun supports remote desktop solutions such as file transfer, two-way audio, screen sharing, session recording, clipboard sharing, and whiteboard. AweSun’s advanced features include remote CMD and remote game.

Main Features

  • Cross-platform remote connections
  • Remote support for mobile devices
  • Remote work solutions
  • Remote game features

AweSun Support for Mobile Devices

Among the apps we mentioned above, AweSun serves as the only all-in-one remote desktop software. AweSun supports a wide range of remote desktop solutions and you are also empowered to offer remote support for mobile devices.

AweSun supports screen sharing solution that allows you to share your mobile screen to a larger screen. What’s more, you are able to remote control Android devices using AweSun; support requesters only need to get AweSun Client app installed on their Android devices.

Click for detailed tutorials:

Screen sharing using AweSun

Remote access and control Android devices using AweSun

With the help of AweSun, it’s getting much more convenient for you to help your family or friends with program setup, troubleshooting, or any other remote support needed. Apply AweSun Remote Desktop now to refresh your lifestyle!

For more AweSun remote desktop solutions, visit: https://sun.aweray.com/

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