Remote Desktop: It's Not as Difficult as You Think

Remote Desktop: It’s Not as Difficult as You Think

Half of the year 2020 has gone, but the outbreak of COVID-19 seems as if it wouldn’t end. To effectively control the pandemic and prevent infection, an increasing number of people have to work from home. Part of those people use remote desktop software to support their work. You might never hear of remote desktop before. Or you tried, but the remote desktop software you used was too complicated to understand at all. Thus, you may find remote desktop difficult to use. Don’t worry, AweSun Remote Desktop will solve your problem.

What Is AweSun?

AweSun is remote desktop software with versatile and powerful features that allow users to access remote computers or mobile phones anytime and anywhere. It’s FREE, lite and easy to use. You can download AweSun for all the main operating systems: Windows, macOS, iOS and Android.

Powerful Features

AweSun offers can be used for file transfer, clipboard sharing, session recording, screen mirroring, remote printing, two-way audio, text chatting, etc. Remote CMD and game features are advanced features, and you can find it in our higher plan.


You are able to directly download AweSun for FREE no matter for commercial use or personal use. All the essential features of AweSun are nearly the same as other famous remote desktop software has, and they don’t cost a penny. AweSun also offers Pro and Game subscriptions with advanced features offered with very low costs. For detailed pricing list:

High Security

AweSun desktop promises to take responsibility to protect all the users’ privacy by applying strict security and privacy controls. It is secured end to end with RSA/AES (256-bit) encryption to ensure a secure line, providing powerful and secure connections between devices without being hacked. Also, you can get your privacy settings done to prevent privacy leak in a stronger way.

How Can AweSun Help You?

AweSun Remote Desktop could help you deal with many other situations easily, eventually, it might become an indispensable part of your life.

Remote Work

As we mentioned at the beginning, lots of people choose to work from home, they use remote desktop software to access to their office computer without sticking their head out of the door, even when they’re away from home. With file transfer, you can continue your unfinished works or transfer the document you need no matter you’re on the metro or on a business trip. The remote printing feature even allows you to print documents from remote computers directly on the printer in front of you.

Remote Education

When correcting online assignments for students, teachers could use whiteboard feature to draw or write on student’s screen, so the student could immediately learn from mistakes. And AweSun enables two-way audio during a PC to PC connection, so it allows student and teacher to communicate with each other during remote education.

Remote Support for Your Family

Install AweSun on children’s mobile phone or computer to establish a cleaner online environment for them, so the unhealthy information won’t harm them. Also, you can access to your parents’ mobile phone to help them if they don’t understand how to install apps or change settings.

How to Use AweSun?

AweSun is newbie friendly and free to use. If you want full access to its various features, first of all, you need to install AweSun on both your remote and local devices. Then you can start your journey with AweSun.

Check out this detailed tutorial before launching AweSun:

How to remote access your computer by local devices?

How to remote support your mobile phone?

For more information about AweSun remote desktop:

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