AweSun for Android and iOS

AweSun 1.2 for Android & iOS Launched!

Hey everyone! Good news again! AweSun 1.2 for Android and iOS is now officially rolled out!

AweSun Team is dedicated to making AweSun a convenient and friendly remote desktop app to use. New features have been added and multiple enhancements have been made during the past few months. From AweSun 1.5 for Windows, newly-added support for macOS, to today’s AweSun 1.2 for mobile devices, AweSun is increasingly becoming the perfect remote desktop solution for everyone with “going remote” needs.

What’s New – AweSun for Android and iOS

Let’s check out what’s new in this newest release – AweSun 1.2 for Android and iOS!

Sunshine Shop

The biggest and most surprising highlight of the new release must be the newly-launched Sunshine Shop where you are able to redeem the sunshine for rewards.

The sunshine can be collected by inviting your friends, daily check-in, purchasing a subscription, etc. With a certain amount of sunshine, you can get a subscription for FREE! For example, With 500 Sunshine, you are able to enjoy a 7-day Pro subscription without paying a penny.

Get started with the Shop by inviting your friends to get Sunshine right now!

New Enhancements for iOS

For iOS users, AweSun 1.2 supports Log-In via Apple ID and the Apple Dark Mode. The new release enables you to log in to your AweSun account via your Apple ID. Plus, the updated AweSun app will adapt automatically when the Dark Mode on your iOS is active.

This will offer iOS users a much more convenient experience when using AweSun!

AweSun 1.2 for iOS and Android will definitely bring you a brand-new experience and there is much more to explore beyond this!

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