How to Save Money on Remote Desktop

How to Save Money on Remote Desktop

With technology advancing, an array of smart tools are being produced to simplify our lifestyles. One of the most notable changes is that long-distance is not a problem in modern society anymore. We are increasingly faced with “going remote” circumstances and this trend has been even pushed harder by the global pandemic. Remote Desktop serves as one of the best solutions and thus becomes an indispensable part of our daily lives.

Here comes the question: Remote Desktop could cost a lot sometimes, how can I possibly save money on it? Well, read on to get some insights.

3 Factors to Consider When Choosing A Cost-Effective Solution

There are a large number of remote desktop solutions with varied service models. Lower-level ones may be free to use but provide only bare-bones features while full-blown ones oversupply their services and command steep fees. Choosing the most cost-effective one requires comprehensive consideration. The three aspects listed below may give you some clues.

1. The Number of Devices Supported

If you only need a solution for personal use, such as remotely accessing your office computer when working from home, most of the free plans that at least support one device could do. For more advanced needs, like offering remote support for multiple team members, you may need to find a multiple-device plan while such plans normally require subscriptions.

2.  Features Covered

Different features aim for different scenarios. Let’s say you use remote desktop for simple use such as remotely supporting your friends or family or purifying the online environment for your kids. Basic features like connections between two PCs and remote support for mobile devices can satisfy your needs. However, for more professional needs, such as demanding technical support with certain features required, higher plans with add-on services will suit your needs better. Meanwhile, higher speed, stability, and reliability can be better guaranteed with higher plans.

3. Cost Savings Over Time

Don’t forget to consider how long you would use remote desktop. A week? A month? Or a year? Monthly and annual plans are the most common ones available. On the whole, an annual plan is more cost-effective for long-term use compared with the shorter-term. It is also worth mentioning that, if a free plan offers poor experience and is not a patch on a paid one, even though the latter costs more, it’s much more cost-effective in the long run.

Hopefully, what we shared here could help you make a better decision when you try to find the one that suits you best. Still cannot decide on the best fit? AweSun Remote Desktop may be the one to help you out!

As an all-in-one remote desktop solution, AweSun is absolutely the one that basically covers all your remote desktop needs with no charge.

How AweSun Reduces Your Costs

AweSun remote desktop offers powerful features and a high level of security for FREE. With just one click, you can quickly access remote devices from local ones. Until now, AweSun support have already covered Windows, macOS, iOS, and Android.

Free to Use

For both personal use and commercial use, AweSun offers solutions for FREE. Multiple powerful features for FREE, such as remote desktop, blank screen, whiteboard, file transfer, remote printing, screen mirroring, etc.

Low Costs for Advanced Features

Remote CMD and game features are available with AweSun Pro and Game with very low costs. For more advanced or diversified remote desktop needs, visit here to find the AweSun solution that suits you best.

Subscriptions for FREE Available

With AweSun 1.2 for Android and iOS going live, the Sunshine Shop where you are able to redeem sunshine for rewards is now open. You can collect sunshine via daily check-in, inviting your friends, etc. Go collect sunshine and enjoy AweSun higher plans for FREE!

Quick Start with AweSun

Go and get started with AweSun right now! Make it a big money saver for you from today.

Check out the below tutorials to get started with AweSun:

How to Remotely Access a Desktop from Your PC?

How to Remotely Access a Desktop from Your Phone?

For more AweSun Remote Desktop solutions, please visit:

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