Invite Friends and Get Free Services

Invite Your Friends and Get AweSun Subscriptions for FREE!

We are super excited to roll out the Sunshine Shop with AweSun 1.2. And today, we are gonna take a walk through it. Apply the latest AweSun app for iOS or Android and get started with us!

To enter the Sunshine Shop, on your mobile device, open AweSun and go to “Me> Get Discount”.

What is the Sunshine Shop?

With Sunshine Shop, we reward AweSun users for collecting Sunshine. A certain amount of sunshine can be redeemed for premium services for FREE. The redeemable services cover AweSun Pro and Game subscriptions with a certain duration that ranges from 3 days to a month.

For instance, With 500 Sunshine, you can get a 7-day Pro subscription without paying a penny.

How Do I Collect Sunshine?

Inviting friends is the most recommended way to collect Sunshine. You can invite up to 5 friends per day, and when a friend that you have invited signs up using your referral link and successfully establishes a remote connection, you will earn 80 Sunshine! Up to 400 Sunshine can be earned by inviting 5 friends to use AweSun within a day.

And the benefits don’t stop there.

Other methods including daily check-in, ads clicking, service upgrading enable you to collect Sunshine in an easier and quicker way. It is effortless to do these on a daily basis. You can also choose to buy Sunshine directly!

Invite friends and collect sunshine

How about the Redemption Policy?

  • For users with the free version originally, 3 devices will be supported with the premium plan after redemption.
  • Service duration can be accumulated with multiple redemptions of the same service plan made.
  • The service will revert to its original level upon the expiration of the redeemed premium plan.

Please note that the redemption program is not available for users with subscriptions purchased on AweSun app. But exclusive bonuses are upcoming. Just stay tuned!

Sunshine Shop empowers everyone to enjoy AweSun premium services at no charge. Go and start your “Sunshine Day” with AweSun right now!

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