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How to Explain Remote Desktop to Your Mum

When you spend weekends or holidays with parents, how much time do you spare to talk with them and how much time you spent on your laptop and smart mobile phone? For you, fixing computers is as pleasurable as sending a message, at least this is what your parents think about you.

This magic 2020, remote work, has become the norm. Did your mum ask you what “remote desktop” is? How you plan to explain this to her? What are the compelling reasons why remote desktop software is necessary nowadays?

“What Should I Do?”

Every time your parents call you in a hurry hoping for you to fix everything that runs on electricity. Instantly. Why not explain “remote desktop connection” by way of answering every question they asked you before and let them know how remote desktop software can really help.

“I’m getting a weird popup message saying something about a firewall violation.”

Remotely view desktop. When two desktops are under remote connection, you can remotely view parents’ desktop screen to check what exactly goes wrong. Sometimes, the real problem is totally different from what parents explained on the phone. Except for PC, when you remotely view parents’ phone screens, it is quick to understand what goes wrong.

AweSun remote desktop offers you an easy, secure, and reliable remote access solution, you can connect to parents’ computer with your mobile or notebook anytime at anywhere.

“Everything seems really slow. Can you speed up my computer?”

Remotely control desktop. Thousands of questions can be solved quickly if you sit before their desktop. Adjust the screen font size, create new folders in email or on desktop, reconnect Wi-Fi… With remote desktop software, you can remotely provide IT support for them.

After a remote connection, you will be able to control all actions on the remote computer, as if you were right there in front of it. Don’t forget to tell your mum, except for helping parents solve problems, you can benefit from this a lot too.

Need to check any figure or need the file in office PC when you are at home? File transfer helps. This feature saves you a lot of time and energy. AweSun offers you a cross-device file sharing solution between two ends. You are able to transfer files from PC to PC, PC to mobile, and mobile to PC.

“How to social on Facebook? How to shop online?”

We stay active on social media all day long. Have you ever thought that if elderly parents can also follow the latest trends, follow what is happening on Twitter or Instagram? Download funny and helpful APPs that you think proper to them. This also makes parents keep young at heart.

Remotely access mobile phone. With AweSun, you can get support for Android devices from computers or mobile devices. Support requester just needs the AweSun Client app installed on their Android device. It has never been easier to remotely teach parents to use a smartphone and troubleshoot devices!

Care Your Parents by Action

Explaining what remote desktop is also a chance for us to care for our parents. With AweSun free yet powerful and functional features, express our care by real action. Making them keep updating new information and applying new techy tool helps live, and learn.  

Apply AweSun for Free Now

AweSun, a free remote desktop solution, is designed with a user-friendly interface for different background users, easy for elderly parents to use. Welcome to our Quick Start to help parents quickly handle remote desktop software, if they have any problem, Help Center also covers different solutions to multiple scenarios.

What tips do you have to explain what remote desktop is to your mum? What is the most ridiculous problem your parents ever had with their computer? Share your best story with us!

For the latest developments about AweSun, please visit: https://sun.aweray.com/

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