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AweSun Support – How Can We Help You?

We understand you may have inevitably got questions, concerns, or comments about AweSun. Where to find the answers? How to get the issues fixed? Wanna feel more involved?

Below you’ll find all the methods to get connected with us.

Get Started with AweSun Help Center

AweSun Help Center covers all the basics and essentials on how to make the most of AweSun Remote Desktop.

Here you can find how to establish remote connections, learn how all the features work, figure out the answers to questions that baffled you, take advantage of the security and privacy setting options, etc.

AweSun Help Center contains more than you expect and allows you to explore more AweSun possibilities here with the help of all the explanations and tutorials.

Join AweSun Facebook Group

AweSun Facebook Group is a place where AweSun users and our support team keep connected.

Here you can help each other out by offering answers to various questions, share your creative ideas and experience using AweSun, learn from other users, and tap the full potential of AweSun. Not to mention that you can get support here from the AweSun support team and also give your feedback and comments to help us make further improvements.

The group gives you a chance to get closer to AweSun in an interactive way. And the first-hand news and developments about AweSun will be shared here!

Contact Us via Email

Email serves a more direct way. Encountered a problem with our service? Please feel free to reach out to us via email to receive professional help from our specialists.

Our support email address:

To help our team to resolve your issue faster and effective, we’d appreciate it if you could offer us in the email:

  • A detailed description of your problem or concern.
  • Screenshots, video captures of your issue.
  • The log files of your AweSun app.

These info can help us identify your issue quicker and more accurately.

You can also send us a DM via Facebook Messenger and communicate with us in real-time. There is always support available.

Your feedback has been invaluable to us since AweSun’s initial launch and your support empowers us to constantly improve our features and services. In return, AweSun support will always be ready to help you out whenever and wherever you need!

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