Remote Desktop in Education

How Does Remote Desktop Work in the Post-COVID Education Industry?

Because of the coronavirus hit, most schools went on to cancel in-person classes for the remainder of the academic year. But as the fall school year approaches, there’s increasing discussion about if and how schools should reopen. However, whether from a personal or school perspective, we all need to make our learning and life proceed at a normal pace as before.

New York City, for example, plans to reopen with a hybrid model, meaning that most students will only attend in person a few days a week in order to limit class sizes and comply with social-distancing. In this way, how to ensure the connection between all parties remains unimpeded is an issue that needs to be taken seriously. One effective way is to utilize the smart remote desktop software. This is also the next trend in the education field.

Students Access School Computers from Home

You’re on a laptop at home, but you really need to access the PC at the school because it has a more powerful application or it has a specific file that you need to use right away. Or, you are from the biology major, you need to observe the experiment data record every day, remote view the PC in the lab, and record the data to ensure everything is under control.

With remote access by AweSun, you’d be able to connect to the PC from your tablet and take remote control of it. You’d be able to run the resource-intensive software in real-time, eliminating the need for purchasing more software licenses to enable access at home. Or edit and save files on the home PC from a mobile phone when you are in class. Remote learning will also be the norm in education in the future.

Teachers WFH and Interaction with Students

Not only students need to keep studying during summer break or quarantine periods, teachers also face the pressure of preparing lessons and how to help students complete their studies during this harsh time. AweSun brings your office into your home with high levels of security and speed while offering many other convenient features: file transfer, remote printing, and so on.

Another benefit is teachers can provide remote support for students when they have learning difficulties. Distance barriers is not a big issue when you apply AweSun, the AweSun for Windows allows you to have a real-time talk with the remote side via the two-way audio feature. Simultaneously, the whiteboard feature allows you to draw or write on the screen during a session; all participants of a session will be able to see what is displayed on the screen.

During the class, teachers can grab personal iPad and walk around in the classroom to interact with students. At the same time, all students can watch the content from the iPad on a public big screen if the teacher use screen sharing feature. This increased mobility allows teachers to ensure that every student can keep up with the class progress.

IT Department Offers Technical Support

Except for keeping computers in campus up-to-date, and keeping them running smoothly, the IT department also needs to deal with occasional emergencies. If the main PC in the classroom gets stuck during the class, all people’s time will be wasted. Immediately start a remote connection with the IT department and to see how to continue the class ASAP.

Once connected by AweSun, IT staff can take control of the device, troubleshoot the issue, and resolve it fast. Save time for explaining what problems are and save energy for teaching how to do when two ends are far apart, especially during online courses during WFH time.

The remote desktop has completely changed how people work remotely, so, if you’re a student, teacher, or an IT technician, find out how remote desktop solution can completely help you handle “going remote” situations more smartly. Apply AweSun Remote Desktop to improve work efficiency and quality of life now.

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