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4 Essential Tips to Protect Your Online Security

Online security is crucial. Keeping sensitive personal information from outside intruders is being increasingly critical for individuals. Effective practices using the Internet have to be taken to keep your smart devices from hackers, malware, and other threats.

How to Ensure Your Online Security?

Overwhelmed by the complicated and abstract information out there on how to stay safe online? Here we will share with you 4 essential tips for keeping your data protected from online threats.

1. Use Strong Passwords

A strong password secures crucial protection from identity theft or financial fraud. Intruders will easily gain access to your device if you use a simple and commonly-used password.

How to create a strong password? Several rules here:

  • Try to use more characters – at least 8.
  • Use both uppercase and lowercase letters.
  • Use both letters and numbers.
  • Include at least one special character such as !@#

Find it annoying to remember passwords? Get yourself a password manager, which keeps track of all your passwords and does all the remembering. This could be a big relief.

2. Run a Anti-Virus Program

Anti-malware is a must for everyone. A reliable anti-virus software offers essential protection from viruses, malware, phishing attacks, Trojans, spam attacks, and other online cyber threats.

Unless you cut off Internet access, turn off the computer, and unplug all the external devices, online threats always exist. So get a strong antivirus software right now. It can automatically scan a file, program, or an application and keep you informed as to what threats are attacking before they made damages to your devices.

3. Choose Encrypted Messaging Apps and Emails

Encryption is the process of encoding information to prevent anyone other than its intended recipient from viewing it. That’s why using encrypted apps matters.

Using encrypted messaging helps keep your chats and related personal data secret. Always use apps featuring powerful encryption to prevent a range of third-parties from invading your privacy. Meanwhile, VPN connection serves as an extra layer of reassurance.

4. Keep Your Operating System Up-to-Date

Software updates normally include critical patches to security holes. Without timely OS updates, malicious threats are likely to be caused by security flaws that remain unfixed. Also, OS updates offer better functionality, bug fixes, and also improved hardware performance. These ensure constantly ungraded protection from potential threats.

Systems updates protect you from cyber-attacks and meanwhile offers you a better experience. There are no excuses to not keep your OS up to date.

How AweSun Protects You from Online Threats?

AweSun, as a reliable and secure remote desktop software, was developed with a high-security mechanism. So what makes AweSun secure?


AweSun encryption protects your devices from unauthorized access. All remote connections, as well as integrated data, are secured end to end with RSA/AES (256-bit) encryption to ensure a secure line that is of the same level with the encryption standard used in online banking. All your date during AweSun connections will be kept confidential and secured.

Security Settings

AweSun offers powerful security and privacy setting options that work together in order to give you the safest experience possible. Features and options such as secure unattended option, blank screen, blacklist & whitelist, downtime list, lock, dual-authentication access offer strong protection from potential threats by outside intruders.

Apart from all this, everyone has to raise security awareness and consciously take effective practices to get higher-level protection from all kinds of cyber attacks or threats. Hopefully the tips we shared today could offer some help. Stay safe online!

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