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Remote Desktop Software or VPN: What’s Best for Remote Work?

Need to connect to another computer in a different location over the Internet? Virtual Private Network (VPN) is often the first thing that comes to mind. But these days, Remote Desktop software is obviously taking over. Widely used under a range of going remote circumstances, remote desktop is increasingly becoming essential in our daily lives.

While, when it comes to remote work, which is the better choice to make?

How Do They Work?

Both VPN and Remote Desktop are methods of accessing remote resources, but they differ in many ways.

A VPN extends a private network across a public network and enables you to send and receive data across public networks as if your devices were directly connected to the private network. For instance, with a VPN, you can easily access the shared files or systems on that network.

A remote desktop software, however, gives you full access and control of a remote device and you can literally operate on it as you like. It allows you to remotely control a remote PC from anywhere anytime and use it like you are right in front of it.

You can tell that, by comparison, VPN allows you to access local network resources remotely and bypassing Internet censorship, while remote desktop allows remote access and control to a specific device.

Why Remote Desktop is Taking Over?

Though VPN and Remote Desktop both work well for remote access, when it comes to remote work, the later appears to be much more popular. A large number of people worldwide choose remote desktop applications as the remote work solution. Let’s see why the remote desktop is the best-suited one with AweSun Remote Desktop as an example.


Remote desktop software is easier to configure than a company VPN. Non-technical users will find it rather complicated to set up a VPN properly. While you can install and customize a remote desktop just like any other apps. The use of a remote desktop tool is very friendly for those from non-technical backgrounds.

AweSun serves as a perfect example. It only takes a few seconds to complete the installation and you can customize the settings easily even if you know little about tech stuff. It is also very easy to use and navigate. A remote connection can be established within one click.


Remote work requires almost full access to the remote resources on the remote devices, and this is exactly what remote desktop is designed for. VPN, however, only allows access to shared network resources. Remote desktop, with its unlimited access, highly facilitates the remote work experience.

Specifically, AweSun allows you to remotely control your office computer from home or on the go. Powerful features such as file transfer, remote printing, clipboard sharing, session recording cover all your remote work needs, and these are all offered for FREE. Low cost and high performance are what we are always pursuing.

Use Cases

VPNs are often used to access a business network or home network while traveling, to access geo-blocked websites, or to bypass Internet censorship. While remote desktop can totally achieve all this and beyond. It works even more perfectly with remote work scenarios.

AweSun, with a variety of remote work solutions offered, can assist in online collaboration, instant communication, technical support, etc.

Apart from remote work demands, AweSun also empowers you to offer remote support to your family or friends. Simply connect to their devices and help with troubleshooting, complicated settings, etc. AweSun can be helpful in various situations where remote support is required.

Both VPN and remote desktop help us with remote work in one way or another. But considering the factors we discussed above, remote desktop is definitely the best-suited solution to apply.

Whether you are new to remote work or just consider dropping VPN and turning to a new solution, AweSun remote desktop provides you the way out. Get started with AweSun Remote Desktop right now!

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