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3 Reasons to Upgrade Your AweSun Account to Higher Plans

AweSun Remote Desktop offers varied solutions to satisfy our users’ diversified needs that include both the free and higher plans. With robust remote desktop features offered, the AweSun Free plan is a perfectly capable option for your basic “going remote” needs. And this is exactly what makes AweSun one of the most popular remote work tools during the pandemic period.

Apart from the basic features provided for free, higher plans are also for you to choose: AweSun Pro and Game subscriptions. The higher plans expand AweSun functionality that help you stay productive when you’re faced with challenging situations where remote support is needed.

Why It is Worth Upgrading?

If you are satisfied with all the functionality you get in AweSun FREE solution, you will be delighted by the extra capabilities of the premium services, especially during this period when tech tools are crucial to our daily life.

Here let’s look at the 3 major benefits with AweSun higher plans.

1. Enhanced Performance

AweSun Pro and Game plans, with the exclusive server equipped, ensure smoother and faster connections. Higher stability and reliability are guaranteed. This will greatly enhance your productivity and efficiency when receiving or offering support remotely.

2. Exclusive Features

AweSun higher plans offer you multiple exclusive features to help you cope with more challenging situations. They cover all features included in the Free version and more with enhanced performance.

The remote CMD feature in AweSun Pro, for instance, allows you to perform operations using commands remotely, which is a very practical option if you are tech-savvy. AweSun Game enables you to play computer games remotely on your mobile devices with multiple game features included, such as keyboard customization and exclusive game link that ensures an amazing game playing experience.

3. Upgraded Solutions

Advanced features enable upgraded solutions. With exclusive functionality and enhanced performance with the premium services, you’ll find it easier to figure out the best-suited solutions for different scenarios: easy remote technical support, effective online collaboration, productive online teaching & learning, closer relationships with your loved ones, and unlimited game playing experience!

Meanwhile, with the Pro or Game subscpritions, you can get the exact number of devices based on your needs. This will also make it much more convenient to manage the devices under your AweSun account.

Free Upgrade Option – Sunshine Shop

Wanna try them out before purchasing a higher plan? Here is the way out – AweSun Sunshine Shop.

What is Sunshine Shop?

Sunshine Shop was launched to reward AweSun users for collecting Sunshine. A certain amount of sunshine can be redeemed for premium services for FREE. The redeemable services cover AweSun Pro and Game subscriptions with a certain duration that ranges from 3 days to a month.

How to get premium services for FREE?

To enter the Sunshine Shop, on your mobile device, open AweSun and go to “Me” Get Discount”.

Inviting friends is the most recommended way to collect Sunshine. You can invite up to 5 friends per day, and when a friend that you have invited signs up using your referral link and successfully establishes a remote connection, you will earn 80 Sunshine!

Other methods including daily check-in, ads clicking, service upgrading enable you to collect Sunshine in an easier and quicker way. With the Sunshine Shop, you are able to experience AweSun premium services without paying a penny. And this helps you find the best-suited solution before purchasing a higher plan.

Learn more about AweSun Sunshine Shop, see Get AweSun Subscriptions for FREE with Sunshine Shop.

AweSun Free plan gets you into the “remote world”, but the Pro and Game solutions get you a front-row seat to flexibility and productivity with enhanced capabilities.

Ready to upgrade? Visit our pricing page here:

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