Top 4 Common Misconceptions about Remote Desktop

Top 4 Common Misconceptions About Remote Desktop

If someone asks you who have never worked from home: “Why not choose to work remotely?” Will you be stunned, not knowing how to answer? Maybe it’s because you have never thought about the issues about WFH and remote desktop software. Or do you have any misconceptions about remote desktop?

To be fair, making the shift from co-located to remote isn’t easy. Going remote introduces a whole new set of issues to struggle with: Will all connections become inconvenient? That’s why we list the top 4 common misconceptions about the remote desktop, and maybe change the minds of a few of you in the process.

Misconception #1: Productivity Will Plummet.

“Productivity” maybe the first concern for those who are hesitated about using remote desktop software, no matter from the individual employee attitude or manager attitude. Let’s use AweSun Remote Desktop as an example to clarify.

Actually, remote desktop should be tagged with “efficiency tools”, because you can remote access the other devices for any business purpose issue like desktop sharing, screen mirroring, file transfer, etc. Organizations help desks for troubleshooting the issues faced by the client, thereby saving time and reducing the complexity, and increasing customer satisfaction accordingly. Individual staff can save commuting time and work from home, check the necessary files during the emergent working calls.

Misconception #2: Security Will Suffer.

More or less, people will notice there is an increasing frequency seeing social news about remote control fraud these yeas. With companies relying on endless data to do business, security is (and will continue to be) incredibly important, no matter what industry they’re in.

AweSun encryption protects your devices from unauthorized access. All remote connections, as well as integrated data, are secured end to end with RSA/AES (256-bit) encryption to ensure a secure line that is of the same level with the encryption standard used in online banking. All your date during AweSun connections will be kept confidential and secured.

And usually, the fraud is only possible if the user grants someone access to their device, in order to deal with that, AweSun offers lock options both for Windows and macOS. This prevents others from using your AweSun app or changing the settings already made, and thus keeps your privacy better protected.

What’s more, here is a list of Basic Security Tips for Remote Desktop.

Misconception #3: Remote Desktop Only Used for Work.

In addition to greatly improving work efficiency, remote desktop will also help us live smarter in our daily lives.

AweSun game solution can make you become an invincible remote game player. If you are at home on weekends, you can sit in the living room talking with family members and playing PC games from your mobile at the same time. If you are outside, remotely playing your computer game during a class break, on the go, or sitting in a coffee shop, the exclusive game features will optimize your user experience and make you feel like sitting before PC.

AweSun support for mobile devices makes you closer to your love. AweSun is designed with a user-friendly interface for different background users. If you have a loved one with little to no electronics experience and you want to lighten their life by sharing the tech-convenience. Download app AweSun and AweSun Client today. Having them understand that this enhances their daily life without needing to leave their house at all.

Nowadays, more and more people have the habit of self-learning online to embrace the fast pace of life. No matter you want to remote control the more powerful application or remote instructed by any master online, remote learn Photoshop, for example, AweSun helps eliminate the distance and makes learning more efficient.

Misconception #4: Remote Desktop Must Be Expensive.

When you snowed in, want to get some extra work done over the weekend, or just want to adopt half work from home style from now, remote desktop solution is the necessary tool. Then the price is a logical place to start, and an important question to ask when it comes to finding the solution that is most feasible for personal use or your organization. As for the great benefits, you may think it is expensive.

However, AweSun always keeps the original intention in mind: help individuals, enterprises, schools, hospitals, and other organizations become more flexible by incorporating effective remote work solutions into their operations. AweSun has powerful yet free features that will give you direct access to remote desktop over the Internet, applications, and all. Even the remote control mobile phone feature which is usually charged in the RDP industry, AweSun offers this feature for free, aims to help people have a more convenient life.

Now, do you have a more comprehensive and objective understanding of remote desktop solution? Apply AweSun to check how it will help you significantly.

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