7 Do's and Don'ts for a Successful Remote Desktop

7 Do’s and Don’ts for a Successful Remote Desktop

As people worldwide continue to fight against the global pandemic, remote desktop, which is widely used in work-from-home practices, serves as one essential way to reduce the spread. That’s why using a remote desktop properly becomes rather important for individuals as well as businesses.

Want some quick tips? Check out these 7 Do’s and Don’ts for a successful remote desktop below:

1. DO update to the latest version

Software updates do a lot of things. It helps patch security flaws, protect your data, and also offers you the new features. Updating your remote desktop software gives you access to the latest features and improved functionality, security, and stability. This rule also applies to other apps.

2. Do leave the remote device awake

Make sure the remote device you will connect to is powered on before you request a session. It is recommended to turn the remote device on and meanwhile plugged into a power source. If the device you’d like to connect to is off, you may not be able to access it.

3. DO log out after a remote session

Logging out after a remote session adds another layer of protection and security, especially when you are using a public computer. This will also prevent others from change settings of the remote desktop app.

4. Do require strong passwords and multi-factor authentication

Strong passwords secure crucial protection from identity theft or online attack. Intruders will easily gain access to your device if you use a simple and commonly-used password. So a strong password, as well as multi-factor authentication, is a must-have.

5.  DON’T get confused about which device you are using

Be aware of which device you are actually using. Files or folders created on the remote side will only save to that device. A common way to distinguish between your local device and the remote side is to use a different background picture on each device.

6. DON’T share your remote connection credentials with anyone

Do not share your username and password with people you don’t trust. Also, keep the remote connection credentials only to yourself for higher security. This is the most fundamental way to keep others from remotely control your computer, access the data on your device, and much more.

7. DON’T leave your device unattended

Under most circumstances, it could lead to privacy issues leaving your device unattended. Just imagine the remote device located in an open-plan office with people around it. All the operations on it will be showed and viewed by others. But some apps offer you corresponding privacy setting options that could save your worries on it.

How to Apply These Tips In Using AweSun?

AweSun, as a competitive remote desktop software, also requires certain practices to ensure optimal performance. So here comes the question: How to use AweSun with the tips shared above? Let’s take a deeper dive!

1. Always update to the latest version of AweSun

AweSun now supports iOS, Android, Windows,s, and macOS. AweSun team has been constantly making enhancements to make AweSun a better app to use. Updates have been made over the past months. The latest version of AweSun offers you improved functionality and higher security. Make sure you always update to the latest version.

2. Set a strong password & apply dual-authentication

Well, you’ve heard enough of the significance of strong passwords, which you should never underestimate. While when it comes to AweSun specifically, the Dual-Authentication Access option should be a great choice that ensures higher-level connection security.

3. Customize your AweSun settings

AweSun offers a range of setting options that you can adjust to make your using experience smoother, more convenient, and, most importantly, more secure. Options including Secure Access Options, Blank Screen, Blacklist & Whitelist, Downtime List make it flexible and effective to cope with various remote access situations.

There are a host of factors that contribute to a successful remote desktop, but you can easily make it by only applying the essential ones. Bear these Dos and Don’ts in your mind and make your remote desktop a success from today!

For more AweSun resources, please visit: https://sun.aweray.com/

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