How to Get More Results Out of Your Remote Desktop

Working Remote: How to Get More Results Out of Your Remote Desktop?

Remote work is on the rise, and the ability to work from outside of the office is only now becoming mainstream. People have the flexibility to design their days so that their professional and personal lives can be experienced to their fullest potential and coexist peacefully. Let’s uncover some productivity tips that will help you get more results with ease when working remotely via a professional remote desktop solution.

Need to Remote Support Clients?

In customer service and support, especially technical support, remotely connecting to a customer’s computer is usually the most efficient way to troubleshoot and fix customer issues.

With AweSun Remote Desktop, you can connect to the clients’ computer with your mobile or laptop anytime at anywhere. After remote connection, detect and solve the problems quickly as if you are sitting before the client’s computer. It offers fast and reliable support and saves time, reduces frustration for the customer and the agent.

Want to Remote Control Office Device?

Before remote work is sometimes portrayed as a trend, however, the global coronavirus pandemic seems to make everyone closer to this way of working. A flexible schedule also attracts more people to start to consider this hybrid work mode seriously. But are you worried about this: when you work from home and need to check a file on office PC in an emergency; too lazy to take 40mins to drive to the lab on weekends and just take a few minutes to record the data or do some simple operations?

Apply AweSun to remote access office or laboratory devices to transfer the file or even remote print it from a home printer. With the right tool, employees can juggle between work, hobbies, and time with friends, resulting in a positive work-life balance and also reducing workplace stress.

Want to Study Online with School Tutor?

The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic makes a lot of schools mix traditional face-to-face learning and teaching from a distance in order to protect teachers and students. All the distance limitation can be tackled by powerful yet free features offered by AweSun.

Students can connect to the teacher’s computer and follow the teacher’s presentation speed to learning remotely, using whiteboard to make notes anytime when you need it. After class, students and tutors can build seamless connections and discuss the problems in detail. Two-way audio, session recording, and text chatting, all features aim to make the remote work and learning more efficient.

Hope to Help Seniors Live Happier with Tech Devices?

As the main users of technology products have we neglected the elderly who also need to improve the quality of life? Social media keeps seniors in touch with long-distance loved ones; video games get seniors’ bodies and minds moving; smartphone apps can help detect seniors’ physical conditions.

AweSun serves as a perfectly capable remote desktop software to start with for old family members. It is simple to install, implement, and uninstall; it is easy to update and several ways to free upgrade (Sunshine Shop); it is aesthetically appealing and easy-to-navigate. With AweSun, remote access their phone to teach them how to use Facebook or Twitter or we can remote check their health care app; Game Version makes play PC games from mobile phones available. What we lack is not the tools to care about our parents, but actions.

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