3 Major Tips to Become an AweSun Master

3 Major Tips to Become an AweSun Master

How long have you been using AweSun Remote Desktop and how well do you know it? With all the features and solutions offered, have you ever been overwhelmed by unexpected remote support circumstances? Today, let’s take a walk through the 3 major practices to use AweSun like a pro.

Use AweSun as the All-In-One Solution for Varied Scenarios

AweSun remote desktop serves as an all-in-one solution to a variety of situations where remote support is required.

There is no doubt that AweSun serves as the perfect solution to remote work. During this challenging pandemic period, especially, AweSun serves as the perfect solution for people who are kind of forced to work from home. Also, for freelancers or those who have to work remotely from time to time, AweSun is one of the essentials.

Besides, remote technical support is rising for years and AweSun now is making its contribution. Technicians can easily and conveniently offer technical support remotely to their clients with the help of AweSun. Delivering support on-site is no longer the only method. AweSun makes technical support much more flexible than ever.

Furthermore, AweSun also empowers you to play PC games on your mobile devices. AweSun Game Solution enables multiple remote game playing features, including exclusive game link connection, customized keyboard, long-press function, etc. These guarantee a smooth game playing experience. 

Meanwhile, AweSun also plays a significant role in remote learning and teaching. It is also a great helper when it comes to staying connected to your loved ones by offering remote support anywhere anytime. You can also apply AweSun in more creative scenarios.

Make the Most of Different AweSun Features

Though with remote desktop being the core, AweSun is much more than that. There are a large number of features for you to explore and to apply under different “going-remote” circumstances.

AweSun Free plan covers almost all the essential features you may expect in a remote desktop software: file transfer, screen sharing, session recording, text-chatting, two-way audio, remote printing, etc. These can be easily applied whenever in need.

Higher plans including AweSun Pro and AweSun Game are also offered to satisfy more diversified needs. These two covers all features included in the Free plan and more with enhanced performance. Premium services include remote CMD, remote game features, etc.

Set Up AweSun for Optimal Performance

Except for all the remote desktop solutions and features, AweSun also provides very practical setting options that ensure more convenient use, optimal performance, and greater security.

AweSun offers secured access options. Secured unattended access is supported between two trusted devices under the same AweSun account. Also, access via password is available. You are able to connect to a remote PC with its system password or independent password.

AweSun offers powerful security and privacy setting options that work together in order to give you the safest experience possible. Features and options such as secure unattended option, blank screen, blacklist & whitelist, downtime list, dual-authentication access offer strong protection from potential threats by outside intruders.

Meanwhile, a range of customized settings of AweSun app are available. You can personalize the appearance, display mode, language, passcode refresh frequency, desktop mode, etc.

Hopefully, you can grab some aspiration from the 3 practical tips listed above and apply them in your daily life that could well boost your productivity. There is much more to explore. Feel free to reach out to us whenever you have anything to share with us about using AweSun!

For the latest AweSun developments and info, please visit: https://sun.aweray.com/

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