4 reasons why remote work is the future

5 Reasons Why Remote Work is Here to Stay

For many, remote work has been the new normal. And this trend shows no signs of slowing down. Due to the COVID-19, the global health crisis, remote work is rapidly on the rise around the world. Individuals and businesses are also embracing this increasing demand and turning to more flexible work options to fight against the challenge that we are all faced with.

It is manifest that remote work is not just a trend – it is here to stay. Here’re 5 reasons why remote work is the future, and these are also the top benefits of this brand-new work practice.

Health Concerns During Pandemic

As more and more countries started to shut down such as those in Europe, remote working is now recommended or mandated by governments across the globe due to the global health crisis. In a survey of American workers, Erik Brynjolfsson and colleagues found that of those employed pre-Covid-19, about half are now working from home.

Working from home and staying socially distant is crucial to prevent the spread of the pandemic. Also, in the long term, remote working can also avoid various health concerns to some extent, since there will be fewer gatherings. This could be a significant factor that contributes to the remote working trend, at least for now.

Greater Productivity & Flexibility

You may think that working from home will reduce productivity due to distractions like social media or TV series, but the statistics may surprise you. According to s survey, 77% of people working remotely claim to work more productively. Remote teams take less sick leave, show higher engagement, and express higher job satisfaction.

Going remote makes work more flexible than ever. Working from home means better work-life balance, minimalized stressful commutes, and thus greatly enhanced work flexibility. And this is what we all have been going after for long.

Cost Savings

Remote working saves workers’ money by cutting commuting expenses. All a remoter worker needs is a WiFi connection, certain tools, and a set of skills. Remote workers typically save about $4,000 a year by working from home, according to a study from FlexJobs.

Meanwhile, for businesses, office savings is good news. Since there are fewer people in the office, renting smaller premises or coworking spaces could be viable options. And there will be cost reductions in electricity or Internet bandwidth, as well as office maintenance. This is a great relief for most businesses.

Environmental Benefits

According to a study by Sun Microsystems, home energy consumption is roughly half that of office energy consumption. No commute required means fewer emissions. Also, working online leads to less paper use since paper documents are replaced by digitalized ones. And working remotely also means reduced power consumption, less plastic usage, etc.

There is no denying that remote working could help save the planet in so many ways. This is definitely one important reason why remote working is the future.

Tech Tools Make It Possible

The right tools to stay connected is essential to mastering remote work. An array of tech tools makes remote working accessible for most of us. And remote desktop software, empowering remote teams to stay synchronized productively and seamlessly, plays a key role. This is exactly what AweSun Remote Desktop was born for.

As a cross-platform remote desktop solution, AweSun has been committed to offering remote work services to remote workers worldwide during this challenging period, empowering them to remotely access computers or mobile devices from home or anywhere. 

A wide range of remote desktop solutions is offered for FREE covering file transfer, screen sharing, remote support for mobile devices, session recording, remote printing, whiteboard, blank screen, etc. All these will only take a few clicks.

AweSun serves as the perfect remote work tool and we are constantly making new enhancements to make it more capable software to use. Welcome to the AweSun family!

Welcome the benefits of AweSun and practical remote work solutions: https://support.aweray.com/awesun/

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