Why is AweSun Your Best Solution for Home Office?

Why is AweSun Your Best Solution for Home Office?

The global pandemic put a spotlight on the significance of remote working. And, during this challenging time, chances are that you have to, maybe for the first time, set up your own home office, without knowing how long it will last.

However, even as the COVID-19 recedes in the end, you may also find that working from home is not bad since you don’t have to be in the office to get things done and spending hours commuting can be easily avoided by applying the right tools.

An ideal home office not only requires a scientific physical setup but also demands smart tech tools. This is what we’re gonna talk about today – AweSun Remote Desktop. Among all the tools out there, AweSun is undoubtedly the most essential one. Let’s take a walk through the reasons why AweSun is the best solution for your home office!

FREE to Use

Cost is normally one of our first considerations when choosing software. And AweSun knows this well. Advocating and embracing the idea of “Connection Anywhere”, AweSun never prevents people from remaining connected and productive. You can always use AweSun to work remotely without paying a penny. A range of AweSun features is offered for FREE that you may expect to find in a paid software.

Meanwhile, we do offer higher plans at very affordable prices for those with more diversified needs. Advanced features such as remote CMD and game features are offered. It is all up to your needs.

High Security

A home office with high security is crucial. Security has always been AweSun’s priority as it is developed with a powerful security mechanism. Secured with RSA/AES (256-bit) encryption, the most secure encryption algorithms available today, AweSun connections are kept confidential and secured. Also, AweSun provides an array of security setting options that can be customized under specific circumstances.

Easy to Configure

It takes only a few seconds to download and install AweSun on your desktop or mobile devices. It runs just like any other common apps. With the intuitive interface and proper instructions, you will find it very easy to configure and navigate even if you are from a non-technical background. So, do not hesitate to recommend AweSun to your family and friends. They’d be glad!

Robust Home Office Solutions

Remote work requires almost full access to the remote resources, and this is exactly what AweSun is designed for. Powerful features such as file transferremote printingclipboard sharingsession recording cover all your remote work needs, and these are all offered for FREE. With these solutions, you can easily go with online teamwork, instant communication, remote support, etc.

Besides the support for remote working, AweSun also empowers you to offer remote support for your family or friends such as troubleshooting and system upgrades. You can always come up with creative ideas and AweSun will make them possible!

Well, this is it. Time to set up your own home office now and we hope AweSun makes its contibution. Feel free to share your remote work stories with us!

Explore more AweSun remote work solutions:  https://support.aweray.com/awesun/

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